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Ranking OSU Football’s Toughest Home Games in 2019

A preview of OSU’s entire home slate in 2019.



Earlier this week I ranked OSU’s toughest road games from most to least challenging, which you can read here. Today we’re back with the same premise but with a look at the home games. So here we go … from most to least challenging.

1. Oklahoma (Nov. 30)

Here is how Mike Gundy has fared in every Bedlam game since he took over in 2005:

2005: OU 42, OSU 14

2006: OU 27, OSU 21

2007: OU 49, OSU 14

2008: OU 61, OSU 41

2009: OU 27, OSU 0

2010: OU 47, OSU 41

2011: OSU 44, OU 10

2012: OU 51, OSU 48 (OT)

2013: OU 33, OSU 24

2014: OSU 38, OU 35 (OT)

2015: OU 58, OSU 23

2016: OU 38, OSU 20

2017: OU 62, OSU 52

2018: OU 48, OSU 47

OSU has won just once in Stillwater during that span, and that just so happened to be the best team football team OSU has fielded of my lifetime. There’s a reason this game is No. 1 on the list for me. OU is a top-5 preseason team with a loaded offense and rebuilt defense. This will undeniably be OSU’s biggest home challenge of the season — and it comes on the last regular season game of the year.

2. Baylor (Oct. 19)

OSU should have beat Baylor last year. And when Justice Hill was a freshman, OSU should have beat them then, too. I suspect there’s some pent-up anger amongst some OSU vets circling this one as a must-win. Plus, it’s homecoming.

3. TCU (Nov. 2)

The Cowboys lost to TCU in Fort Worth last year, but they can get some revenge here at home against a TCU team that lost a lot of defenders to the NFL and has some question marks at quarterback.

4. Kansas State (Sep. 28)

OSU’s loss to K-State in Manhattan last season was one of the most mystifying performances of any team under the Gundy era. It was totally bizarre. I hate-watched the entire thing. I have a little more confidence that this year is a different story, but the Wildcats will be tougher than many will give them credit for even in a post-Bill Snyder world.

5. McNeese State (Sep. 7)

McNeese State won six games last year, nine games the year prior, and six games the year before that. They’re pretty consistently solid. But this is an FCS opponent, after all, and they’re not exactly an FCS juggernaut. Maybe I should give them a bit more credit, but this is the home-opener for a team I think will want to be out to prove something. I’m expecting an OSU blowout win.

6. Kansas (Nov. 16)

Do I expect Les Miles and KU to waltz into Boone Pickens Stadium and steal a W? I do not. Do I expect Les Miles to attempt to eat grass at Boone Pickens Stadium, only to realize it’s a turf surface? I do.

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