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Ranking the football uniforms: No. 15

An awesome combo that almost got shelved after a scare in Lawrence.




The good version of the Gray-White-Gray combo at A&M in 2011 made its first appearance at Kansas (of all places) in 2012 and nearly saw the Pokes blow one to the Jayhawks in Lawrence:

A closer look at this combo

Uniform No. 15: Carbon fiber-White-Gray
Worn: at Kansas in 2012
Result(s): 1-0 (won 20-14 over Kansas)

It’s tough to overstate my love for the carbon fiber helmets. It’s been well-documented on this blog but the upgrade OSU made going from the gray Legos to this baby is the uniform version of the 2009 Colorado game (Cate to Weeden).

I’m a bigger fan of the white-gray top-pants combo than most are and this helmet makes them even better than normal. I’m actually pretty bummed that OSU hasn’t gone back to these since that near disaster against Charlie and Co. in 2012.

I asked Carson Cunningham — a uniform connoisseur himself — to start weighing in on these rankings so you would get a different side of the coin. Here’s his take:

Carson: I liked your Weeden-Cate analogy. It took me longer to warm up to this combo than it did for Gundy to realize Weeden deserved the No. 3.

Everyone knows my stance on white facesmasks, that jaded me initially. But the more I revisit them, it really works on the road with the white jersey.


We haven’t seen Kyle’s beloved carbon fiber helmet, or any gray helmet, since 2012 (at Baylor). Is it coming back? Will it be tweaked? This reminds me how much I didn’t like the combo choices in 2013. Not enough variety. They even wore the same combo twice (Miss. State, Texas).

I would actually rank these even higher. It’s one of the best road combos in the equipment room. For instance, I would have it ahead of W-W-G, one of Kyle’s favorites, which we’ll see later in the rankings.

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Photo Attribution: USATSI

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