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Ranking the football uniforms: No. 17

The black-black-gray was a strong look in a blowout win over the Jayhawks.



NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma State

Up next is one of the meaner looks OSU has employed over the last three years with barely a hint of orange to be found.

Here’s a closer look at this combo:

Uniform No. 17: Black-Black-Gray
Worn: Kansas at home
Result(s): 1-0 (lost 42-6 over Kansas at home)

Does anyone even remember this game? I cover the thing and I barely remember it. This is sort of an underrated combo, I think (I know, I’m the only one making a list so I’m, by definition the only one rating these) but it was such a forgettable game that I can’t have it any higher than this.

I actually went back and forth between these and the all blacks with crazy-eyes Pete on the helmet but hey, all blacks are all blacks.

The gray works here — the gray always works on the pants, we’ve discussed this over and over, although I wouldn’t mind seeing these guys paired with some tall orange socks. Justin Gilbert would have slain cities wearing these with some orange socks.

I asked Carson Cunningham — a uniform connoisseur himself — to start weighing in on these rankings so you would get a different side of the coin. Here’s his take:

Carson: Don’t feel bad Kyle. I was THERE and I don’t remember this game. I have a faint memory of Justin Gilbert housing the opening kickoff and then looking at Twitter more than the actual game from then on. Most games against Kansas are like this.

Speaking of, OSU wastes some great looks against the Jayhawks. What is it about running up the uniform-score on poor KU? They are already outmatched in the talent department, then OSU dons these beauties against them.

Remember 2011?


I’m sure we’ll see those later in the rankings. OSU dropped 70 on them but they dropped about 100 in the uni department. Meanwhile, KU is Adidas-ing so hard.

I love this combination. It’s my favorite one yet.

There’s enough orange for me with the vibrant numbers, trim, and brand. The black on gray just looks…mean. When Gundy is walking a recruit through the equipment room this is probably a combo that catches their eye.

I know B-B-G is probably where the OSU traditionalists scream, “We Wear Orange! To the Bone!”. Oregon is green and yellow but some of their best combos include black and gray. Black is an OSU school color, not just orange. So they should be allowed more autonomy. If you wanted to rank these even higher, I would listen.

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Photo Attribution: USATSI

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