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Ranking the football uniforms: No. 18

Come for the Charlie Moore catch, stay for the orange-white-orange combo with a touch of Boise and…Kansas?




One of the few combinations Oklahoma State has trotted out there more than once. First against Kansas State in 2012 (the “is Wes Lunt throwing up?” game) then against UTSA in 2013 (the “is that JW Walsh out there or did Wes Lunt transfer back and shrink and we gave him JW’s number?” game).

It’s a good one, but not a great one.

Here’s a closer look at this combo:

Uniform No. 18: Orange-White-Orange
Worn: 2012 at Kansas State, 2013 at UTSA
Result(s): 1-1 (lost 44-30 at Kansas State, won 56-35 at UTSA)

The orange helmets aren’t my favorite bud I do love those orange pants. In fact, I have multiple white jersey-orange pants combos in my top five. These looked great in contrast to Kansas State’s purple and silvers which brings me to my next point.

More schools need to do this when they play each other:

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 3.28.21 PM

Sure you wouldn’t be able to do it when Texas and OSU play or OU and Tech but when teams like KSU and the Pokes match up in Manhattan, I’d absolutely love to see the purple threads against the orange threads. It’s such a classic, awesome look.

I asked Carson Cunningham — a uniform connoisseur himself — to start weighing in on these rankings so you would get a different side of the coin. Here’s his take:

Carson: Good gosh, uniforms don’t get much better than those in the Rose Bowl, Kyle. Why doesn’t this happen more often? Why can’t OSU wear gray on the road if USC and UCLA can get along? OU wearing their Crimsons vs. OSU’s all blacks would be spectacular.

Before I get to No. 18, remember I mentioned OSU should implement chrome helmets? Well that idea seems to have jumped the shark this week with Kansas:


The Allen Fieldhouse-sized Jayhawk is, of course, gross. But man, the facemask would work with just about any OSU combo. Boise State, who I feel has always been on the cutting edge of uniforms, is using these this year. And they are awesome.


It just seems to me like Boise works more closely with Nike than OSU does. For instance, the orange Pistol Pete helmet.


That doesn’t look like a Nike production. The Uni Scientists up in Oregon would likely concoct one of these photo-shopped lids:

Nike photoshop helmet

Ok, you know by now we’re not big fans of either orange helmet. But this combo is one of the strongest road combos possible. Like we’ve gone over, they are limited to a white jersey on the road. This is a well-balanced look that says “OSU” the second you see it on TV.

The orange-on-orange brand is hard to see on the helmet, but Kyle’s right on the orange pants. I think they’re the single best aspect of OSU’s uniforms. They improve virtually any combo. And if they were worn more often, we’d likely have even better combos to rank.

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Photo Attribution: USATSI

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