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Ranking the football uniforms: No. 28

So much orange.




We’re slowly working our way through the awful end of the OSU uniform rankings and if you bear with me this is the last of the orange tops-orange pants combos.

We’ll get to the sharp-looking gray soon.

Here’s the profile of our third-worst uniforms of the last three years this was the “Wes Lunt’s knee shouldn’t do that” game, by the way:

Uniform No. 28: Black-Orange-Orange
Worn: 2012 against Louisiana
Result(s): 1-0 (65-24 win over Louisiana)
Black helmet: 1-0
Orange tops: 3-0
Orange pants: 3-0

Those last three are new, I’m keeping a running total of each piece’s record throughout this look at the unis.

If you only look at these from the waist up they’re terrific. Then you throw the orange pants in there and it looks like somebody left their motorcycle helmet on top of a traffic cone.

I should probably rank these last, actually. At least when you go all orange from head-to-toe we know what you’re trying to accomplish (even if it looks awful). With these babies it looks like somebody grabbed the wrong helmet storage container and we just rolled with it.

And you can pitch a fit about me not liking orange if you want but I’ll take the monochromatic hate to my sports grave. I don’t care if it’s purple, red, blue, or green. It’s all the worst.
Things get better tomorrow, but not by much.

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Photo Attribution: USATSI

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