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Ranking the football uniforms: No. 29

Some more of the all orange variety.



Next up on our month-long tour of the modern day Oklahoma State uniforms is another all-orange number, this one better than the 30th-ranked one from yesterday.

Uniform No. 29: Orange-Orange-Orange
Worn: 2013 against TCU
Result(s): 1-0 (24-10 win over TCU)
Orange helmet: 1-0
Orange tops: 2-0
Orange pants: 2-0

OSU tried to sneak one past us last season with another all-orange number but flipped the helmets from the Big Pete to just the OSU brand which is kind of like the Thunder upgrading from Derek Fisher to Anthony Morrow.

Cool, but ultimately probably meaningless.[1. Is this a reverse jinx attempt on Anthony Morrow? It might be..]

I understand why OSU goes with the all orange thing — it’s a good branding technique and I don’t even necessarily disagree with it. I just think these unis look goofy as I think most monochromatic college football uni schemes that aren’t black or white do.

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Photo Attribution: USATSI

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