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Ranking The Guards – 11-15



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Here are 11-15 in our top 20 guards of the Sutton/Ford era list. 16-20 here in case you missed them.

OKC Dave
11. Joe Adkins – Always has a place in my heart for “sweeping” the court at GIA when it was clear we were going to sweep OU in 1998.
12. Victor Williams – One of my all-time favorites. No one had more heart and enjoyed playing the game more than Vic. PG on three 10-6 teams.
13. Corey Williams – Had more good years than Eaton, was drafted 33rd overall by the Bulls
14. Byron Eaton – Strengths: drive-and-kick assists, getting to the line, and steals. Also a decent rebounding guard. Weaknesses: TURNOVERS, basketball IQ. Pretty big problem for a point guard. Even in his senior season he averaged 4.5 turnovers per 40.
15. Melvin Sanders – Best defender in this era.

11. Chianti Roberts – You both had him at No. 20, but I hold him in much higher regard. Roberts was apart of the Final 4 team as an underclassman, and was basically on his own his last 2 years. His role evolved as his career advanced, but he was an important player all four years in Stillwater. He was so versatile, as Dave recently pointed out, he even played point guard.
12. Joe Adkins – One of the best pure shooters ever. I feel like if you replaced Keiton Page with Adkins on this year’s team he would score 40 more than once & would be rated even higher. He was that good of a shooter.
13. Corey Williams – My first “favorite player”. I wore #5 and pretended to be him on the driveway. Williams was a Hamilton recruit who really got things rolling for Eddie.
14. JamesOn Curry – Never reached his potential. After his freshman season I thought he was headed to a Rutherford-esque career. He was like the band “The Killers”: Unreal start to the career but ultimately left you wanting more & currently wonder “Where are they now?” His step-back jumper was breathtaking.
15. Byron Eaton – Easily the most frustrating player in OSU history and the hardest to rank. His senior season changed how he is remembered for the positive. For every half-court shot vs. Texas, there was the blocking foul in Norman. The light finally came on his senior season and his Ironhead Heyward-drives to the hoop nearly upset No. 1 seed Pitt.

11. Victor Wiliams – Bridged the gap (’01-’04) of two great teams and is top 20 in points and top 15 in steals/assists for his career.
12. JamesOn Curry – Still contend that he felt GIA harder than anybody. He could get it swaying his freshman/sophomore years like nobody I’ve ever seen. His step back three was silky.
13. Byron Eaton – I tried to rank him lower but I couldn’t. His career assist:turnover ratio was 1.34:1.
14. Keiton Page – I’ll say this, if he somehow carries OSU through the Big 12 and they pull off a miracle entrance into the tournament, I’ll put him in my top 10.
15. Glendon Alexander – One of four McDonalds All-Americans OSU has ever had.

Part 1 (16-20)

Top 10 coming tomorrow. Pins and needles.

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