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Ranking The Guards – 16-20



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After Keiton’s coronation on Big Monday, Mr. Gottlib took to the Twitters and declared that #12 wasn’t a top 20 guard at OSU. All I saw was: “come up with a list, you fools over at PFB!”

So OKC Dave, @CarsonC5 (both lifers) and I jotted down our top 20 guards of the Eddie Sutton/Travis Ford era.

Per Dave’s suggestion, here were the parameters – every player listed as a guard or G/F that played at least 50% of available minutes in any given season. This restriction takes out a few guys you would recognize, but they would not be in the discussion for top 20 otherwise they would have played more (Penn, Gulley, Chad Alexander, Scott Sutton, Sidorakis).

Also, there were a few that were on the fence of being a guard (Chianti Roberts, Tony Allen, and Desmond), but this is our list and we have autonomy so we included them.

Here we go…

OKC Dave
16. Sean Sutton – Always in control on the court, good at everything
17. Keiton Page – Top 5 in minutes played all four years. Only others in that club: Peterson, Reeves, Mason, Eaton, Chianti, Ivan
18. Obi Muonelo – If he didn’t have the injury in his freshman year he could have accomplished a lot more
19. Glendon Alexander – Extremely efficient; would be higher if he had a better all-around offensive game
20. Chianti Roberts – Great 1-on-1 player, played several positions, hurt by tourney misses in his final two years

First four out: Harris, Owens, Darwyn, Weatherspoon

16. Sean Sutton – Criminally underrated. Perhaps Eddie’s first & most important recruit as Sean & Thompson carried an average supporting cast. Sean nearly beat the Fab 5 on his own.
17. Keiton Page – Much has been written. Remarkable career.
18 Glendon Alexander – Eaton-level frustration with infinitely more talent. When he was ON he was one of the best to ever take the floor in GIA.
19. Obi Muonelo – Solid 4-year career. An all-around player who could play 4 positions and pretty much did.
20. Melvin Sanders – At first I was mad he wore #34 because that was Desmond’s #. But he won me over & was the best on-ball defender ever. And that’s saying something under Eddie.

16. Corey Williams – One of 11 Cowboys drafted since 1990.
17. Darwyn Alexander – Poor man’s Gottlieb. Except he could shoot FT.
18. Obi Muonelo – Top 20 in points, boards, and assists. Probably the linchpin to those two tournament teams he was on.
19. Melvin Sanders – Did one thing (defense) better than 90% of the people on this list did anything.
20. Chianti Roberts – Like a homeless homeless homeless homeless man’s Magic, could play any position on the floor. One reason I wore #23 growing up.

First four our: Sutton, Bobik, Terrel, Andre Owens

11-15 coming later today. Feel free to argue/attack us in the comments.

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