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Ranking the most heartbreaking losses of the Gundy Era

All of these were bad but 2013 Bedlam is near the top.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

The good news is that we haven’t had too many of these in the Mike Gundy Era. The bad news is that the ones we’ve had have been at a “SportsCenter-My-Wish-segment” level of heartbreak. Here they are, ranked.

1. Iowa State (2011), 37-31 — It will never be topped. I don’t know how it could be. I guess maybe if OSU was up 55-0 on a 1-10 OU team and a win would send us to the national title and somehow Sam Bradford’s son (a 120-pound third stringer) threw 11 TDs in the second half of the 2030 Bedlam game. But other than that, nothing.

2. Bedlam (2013), 33-24 — Like I said after the game, I’m thankful now for the WVU loss. Very thankful. Because Blake Bell going 70 yards in a buck thirty to end our title dreams after smoking Baylor might have been too much for me to take for the second time in three years.

3. Bedlam (2010), 47-41 — The first time OU killed off our Big 12 title dreams. Also one of the elite crowds of the Gundy Era. I almost didn’t survive the Gilbert kick return.

4. Houston (2009), 45-35 — This one was spectacularly crushing. Kevin Sumlin + Dana Holgorsen = not good times for OSU coming off the monstrous win against Georgia in the opener. Silver lining: My favorite Dez punt return ever happened this game.

5. Bedlam (2012), 51-48 (OT) — Maybe I’ve just been sucked in the last two years but I truly thought we were going to win both. Very dissimilar from the first 27 Bedlams of my life.

6. Texas (2007), 38-35 — The Colt McCoy game. Probably the all-time choke job by a Mike Gundy team. Strangely, though, it wasn’t even the worst choke job by an Oklahoma State team against Texas within a five-year span (2004).

7. A&M (2006), 34-33 — The missed extra point. I went to look at that box score, all it says is “Bowman 15-yard pass from Robinson (kick failed).”

8. Bedlam (2008), 61-41 — This wasn’t a game we thought OSU was going to win going in but when it was 44-41 late in the fourth you started to get a little of that 2001-02 hope creeping in. It was subsequently, and violently, crushed.

9. Texas (2012), 41-36 — This one was bad just because of the way it happened, with the “fumble” at the end. Certainly not the worst loss OSU has ever had, but like I said Saturday, when you’re a 9-3 or 10-2 team year in and year out, the losses sure do hurt a lot more.

10. Nebraska (2010), 51-41 — This one zapped our “wait, Brandon Weeden is REALLY good and we’re 6-0 and we could win the Big 12 and…” dreams. It’s in the “how does [guy on team OSU plays who isn’t actually that good] have the game of his career against us” pantheon. T-Magic threw for 10 TDs that year, five that day against OSU.

Honorable mention: WVU (2013), 30-21, Texas (2008), 28-24, Troy (2007), 41-23, A&M (2005), 62-23.

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