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Reader Thoughts: Our Favorite Bedlam Memories

From 1985 to 2011, here’s a sampling of our Bedlam faves.



It’s not the longest list, but this week in The Chamber I asked PFB readers what their favorite Bedlam memories are. I’ll give mine quickly before we get to everybody else.

It was 2010, the year before I started this website. I loved Justin Gilbert more than most members of Justin Gilbert’s family love Justin Gilbert. OSU was 10-1, ranked ahead of OU and playing them in Stillwater to go to the Big 12 title. Pokes went down early but rallied to tie it 24-24 in the third on a Josh Cooper FG. OU kicked three straight field goals, and then there were 31 points scored in the last four minutes.

Seven of those were courtesy of a Gilbert kick return that had my knees feeling like Jell-O. It made the score 40-38 with three minutes left and the Big 12 title game against Nebraska (which OSU was not going to lose to twice in the same year) hanging in the balance.

It went poorly, but that Gilbert return made me believe anything could happen. And that’s all we want from sports, right? To be buoyed by disbelief, to be galvanized with our friends and family. To catch a glimpse of what real perfection looks like. Gilbert was a horse before Chuba was a horse, and those 89 yards were bliss for me, even if the eventual outcome was not.

Dylan: When I think of Bedlam plays there are a couple that really stand out, Bradford flipping through the air, Broderick Brown to Shaun Lewis interception (craziest play I’ve ever seen live), but I think my favorite memory was 2011, Richetti Jones sack and score. It was the greatest moment of OSU’s greatest Bedlam game in their best season. Finishing that game thinking that was it, the Cowboys were about to win their first national championship.

AlabamaPoke: I was lucky enough to be in the stadium for the Tyreek punt return. The silence and the shock in that moment were great, but OSU still had to get a stop to end regulation and then find a way to exercise a century of Bedlam demons in OT. The play that I remember from that game as “holy crap, this is actually happening” was when Hunnicutt missed the field goal to open OT for OU. The Tyreek punt return was pure elation, but when the kick went wide you just knew it was your night.

Pokesby90: Mine is sappy but just winning 2011 and getting to celebrate it with my dad. We were at the game, and at halfway through the 2nd quarter, I was starting to think, “Holy crap we’re actually going to win.” My dad just kept telling me to shut up because game wasn’t over. With him being an #old and having seen some OSU heartbreak in his life, I don’t think he started celebrating until we were up 40 with like 3 minutes left.

Afterward, my dad and I charged the field and I just remember him telling me to enjoy that moment because he had been waiting 50 years for it. I don’t think I really fully grasped it at the time how crazy it was for OSU to win, but I just remember it meaning so much to my dad and I’m glad that is who I was with to experience it.

Alum in AZ: I was watching on TV with my boys and we lost our minds just as you described on Tyreek’s punt return. Then my out-of-state daughter called since her streaming feed had stopped. So she listened to to OT on speakerphone and could not tell whether Grogan hit the FG or missed it since we were so loud the audio was distorted on her end. Was a good minute or two before she actually knew that he hit it.

Cyberpokes: My favorite memory was the win in 2011. I was stationed in the Middle East and five months into a 12-month tour away from home. The game kicked off on December 4, 2011, at 0400hrs my time. I woke up and watched the game on the American Forces Network knowing that I had to go straight to work after the game.

The game provided a “mental break” for me — keeping quiet so I wouldn’t wake other people who were sleeping was quite the challenge. Wins in Bedlam had been (and still are) few and far between during my lifetime, so the timing could not have been better. For the remaining seven months, Brandon Weeden’s jersey hung in my dormitory window as a reminder of OSU’s win to all the OU fans stationed with me.

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 7.58.43 AM.png

TheRealBP: Sitting through the first half of the 1985 Ice Bowl game. The bleachers had 2” of ice on them and sitting down melted the ice and then you had a wet cold butt. I did have a pair of waterproof ski gloves so I sat on my hands. No one could get traction but Thurman, it seems like he had a decent game but I can’t find stats. In any case, he was the only one that could get outside and turn the corner. It was raining and freezing the whole time we were there. We held out for the first half then went home cold and wet. I know we didn’t win but that miserable experience is etched in my brain.

CometPoke: Raushan is still open. I was a freshman and we got to tear down the goalposts for Nebraska and OU that year … but the Bedlam game was pure magic. Lester pulled off the gas early, Raushan could have had an SMU type game against the vaunted Mike Stoops defense (that bit hard on every play fake) that day.

As always, you should #getinvoled in our conversation on The Chamber.

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