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Record Book Reset: Oklahoma State’s Career Rushing Lists Post Chuba Hubbard

Which lists can LD Brown crack into in 2021?



Chuba Hubbard is off to the Queen City but not before leaving his mark all over the Cowboys’ record book.

Hubbard proved himself a Top 10 rusher in Oklahoma State’s program history during his three seasons of playtime. Let’s update OSU’s rushing records and see if any 2021 Cowboy rushers (mainly LD Brown) have the chance to break into these lists this upcoming season.

Name Yards Years
Thurman Thomas 5,001 1984-87
Terry Miller 4,754 1974-77
David Thompson 4,318 1993-96
Kendall Hunter 4,181 2007-10
Barry Sanders 3,797 1986-88
Ernest Anderson 3,780 1979-83
Justice Hill 3,539 2016-18
Chuba Hubbard 3,459 2018-20
Tatum Bell 3,409 2000-03
Joseph Randle 3,085 2010-12

Hubbard’s 625 yards in 2020 moved him to eighth in program history in career rushing yards. The majority of his 3,459 rushing yards came during his NCAA-leading 2019 season.

Thurman Thomas still seems to be in untouchable territory.

It’s unlikely anyone will crack into this list in 2021 unless LD Brown goes full 2019 Chuba Hubbard. Brown has 1,044 career rushing yards to this point, meaning he would need 2,041 rushing yards next season to tie for 10th. That would be the third-best rushing season in program history.

Name Touchdowns Years
Barry Sanders 53 1986-88
Terry Miller 49 1974-77
Thurman Thomas 47 1984-87
Joseph Randle 40 2010-12
Kendall Hunter 37 2007-10
Tatum Bell 34 2000-03
Jeremy Smith 34 2009-13
Chuba Hubbard 33 2018-20
Justice Hill 30 2016-18
Bob Fenimore 28 1943-46

Hubbard scored five rushing touchdowns in 2020, moving him out of a tie with Bob Fenimore and ahead of his predecessor, Justice Hill.

Barry Sanders’ 53-touchdown record is ridiculous, especially considering 42 came in 1988. With that said, the 53 in a career could be caught at some point. It would take someone averaging 14 touchdowns a year for four years, which would be impressive, but is doable.

Brown would, again, need to have a sensational year to end up on this list with eight rushing TDs to date. The 20 touchdowns he would need to tie Bob Fenimore would be the No. 6 rushing TD season in program history.

Yards Per Carry (Minimum 200 Carries)
Name YPC Years
Barry Sanders 6.8 1986-88
Dantrell Savage 5.99 2006-07
Andre Richardson 5.93 1994-96
Chuba Hubbard 5.91 2018-20
Kendall Hunter 5.91 2007-10
Vernand Morency 5.9 2002-04
Keith Toston 5.76 2006-09
Gerald Hudson 5.68 1988-90
Justice Hill 5.6 2016-18
Joseph Randle 5.47 2010-12

Hubbard was second on this list entering 2020 at 6.27 yards per carry, but his 5.91 is still well among the elite in program history.

This is a list that Brown could break into next season, as he would be on it now if he had the minimum 200 carries. He has averaged 5.7 yards through his 183 career carries.

Yards Per Game (Minimum 20 Games)
Name YPG Years
Barry Sanders 118.7 1986-88
Terry Miller 113.2 1974-77
Thurman Thomas 106.4 1984-87
Chuba Hubbard 104.8 2018-20
Justice Hill 98.3 2016-18
David Thompson 98.1 1993-96
Gerald Hudson 97.5 1988-90
Dantrell Savage 95.1 2006-07
Worley Taylor 92.4 1977-90
Kendall Hunter 89 2007-10

Hubbard is just one of four running backs in program history to average more than 100 yards a game. His naysayers talk smack on his 2020 season, but he averaged 89.3 yards in the seven games he played in, which is still a respectable number with guys like Brown and Dezmon Jackson backing him up.

Unfortunately for Brown, he isn’t going to crack this list because of his work as a spot-duty back to this point in his career. He has averaged 29 yards a game through his 36 career games.

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