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Reger Dowell – #5



Reger played high school with Roger Franklin which, when you think about their names, was probably a little bit confusing for both of them…

He posted an interesting stat line (10 pts, 6 ast, 3 boards) his senior year and was probably the beneficiary of being on the 08-09 #1 team high school team in the country according to ESPN, PrepNation, and USA Today. How many organizations do we have ranking high school basketball teams? Is there a website for this? Perhaps a panel?

Last year: 1.3 points and 0.8 rebounds

Why you should like him: It’s always fun to root for guys who don’t even reach 1 in their averages.

Why you shouldn’t like him: He couldn’t figure out if he wanted to go to Alabama or Arizona so he chose Oklahoma State. Confused? Read this.

My favorite thing about him: Uh…he’s ripped?

NBA player he reminds me of: Cross between tall Nate Robinson and Tyus Edney.

Video you need to watch: Here

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