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Remember the Ten – OTL with Bill Hancock and Doug Gottlieb



Say what you want about Gottlieb, and I know plenty of OSU fans and alumni have, it’s hard to argue that he makes great points, brings quality material to the table, and exudes professionalism. He and Desmond really bring a lot of good perspective to the situation which is why I’m so glad they’re part of the halftime memorial on Wednesday night along with Eddie.

I just recently (like two weeks) made the connection that Bill Hancock, who essentially runs the BCS, was Will Hancock’s dad. We’ll leave the BCS stuff for another day (or entire month) and say this: I can’t imagine the road a father has to travel after the loss of a son. It’s cool that he’s taken a situation nobody wants to go through to find goodness in the lives of those around him. I might not agree with his professional decisions, but I definitely salute his personal fortitude.

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