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A reminder of the weekly PFB 10 Thoughts

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Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.11.02 AMI wanted to remind you guys of the weekly newsletter I send out. I’ve done 21 of them since the beginning of football season and I’ve enjoyed writing every one of them.

The newsletter is simply an amalgamation of my thoughts and links to both my writing and the writings of other OSU folks touching on what happened in the world of OSU athletics in a given week.

Occasionally I’ll throw in a random giveaway or book recommendation or, gasp, talk about non-OSU stuff.

It’s been fun — I think most folks have enjoyed it (I know the giveaways were enjoyed) and I encourage you to sign up for yourself, especially if you find it impossible to keep up with everything throughout the week.

It’s a nice quiet spot in your inbox to enjoy whatever it is that happened that week. A sports respite of sorts. Here’s a look at this week’s and last week’s as an example.

As has always been the case, your email addresses will never be sold or distributed elsewhere. You can sign up here:

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