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RESULTS: 75 percent believe Gundy is serious about Daxx

I do too but I’m not sure why.



The results are in — 500+ of you voted on whether or not Gundy was serious when he said he was prepping a kid who hasn’t played in five (six? more?) years for the defending national champions.

Here’s the breakdown (it’s pretty complex):

Answer Percentage
Yes 75 percent
No 25 percent

I guess I agree — especially after John Helsley noted what Gundy said at the caravan thing on Tuesday night:

“We have a heck of a quarterback battle going.”

Okay, then.

I just…I don’t see how you can in good conscience run anyone out there who doesn’t have initials in his first name in the first game of the season against a team that hasn’t lost in 21 months. That doesn’t mean I’m all in on JW or anything but it’s one thing to look good in practice and/or start against a softie to get the season rolling. It’s another thing to go at it with Jameis in Jerryworld.

Plus, if he’s good enough to play 10-12 plays then why not just push your chips to the middle of the table and start him? Or do we think we’re back on the two-QB or *gasp* three-QB system?

One phrase comes to mind:

Here were the best comments from you guys:

Chad Lowe: He’ll play 10 snaps, then Walsh will come in and run all over them. Daxx’s brother will take to twitter to call Gundy a chicken****.

Troy: It seems silly that you would telegraph that. The moment Daxx comes in Florida State will blitz the hell out of him. To make it work half of his ten plays would need to be running plays and that defeats the purpose.

MadsenpokeHe never says he is going to play him, just that he is preparing. I don’t think it is in Gundy’s gameplan to march him out there against FSU. I think he is just saying that Daxx is preparing for a situation in which JW can’t get it done.

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