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Revisiting PFB’s 2023 OSU Football Predictions

Things have not gone according to plan.



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The Cowboys are on a much-needed off week, giving OSU fans a break from what has been an interesting four weeks of football. This early break also gives us a chance to reflect on the season so far. “Interesting” is an understatement.

Just over a month ago, the Pistols Firing staff laid out our predictions for how the 2023 season would play out.

I wouldn’t normally try to judge preseason predictions before the end of the year, but based on how the season has started, let’s take a look at how far off we were, if for nothing else but some comic relief.

I’m just going to hit the Offensive and Defensive MVPs and where how we predicted the team to finish up.

Offensive MVP

Scott: Brennan Presley
Cox: Alan Bowman
Gregory: Ollie Gordon

Brennan Presley, OSU’s leading receiver last year, was a logical pick. But through four games he’s currently ranked fourth on the team with just 98 yards (and two scores). You have to chalk at least some of that up to the inconsistent rotation among the quarterbacks over the first three games.

I suppose I’ll still stick with my Bowman pick, but I’m much less confident based on what we’ve seen. If Bowman retains the starting job for the majority of the remainder of the season — and that’s a big if — I think he has a good shot.

Gordon was probably the most solid pick here in the preseason, and he’s probably the most likely to be MVP the rest of the way. Aside from a head-scratching three carries against South Alabama, Gordon has been the featured back for OSU’s up-and-down rush attack. If he’s not the MVP over the next eight games, he should be.

Defensive MVP

Scott: Kendal Daniels
Cox: Xavier Benson
Gregory: Kendal Daniels

Daniels was a pretty safe pick given what he showed as a freshman last year and his projected role in Bryan Nardo’s offense. So far, that pick has paid off. He’s been one of the few bright spots for OSU in the early going. And he’s currently ranked fifth in the Big 12 with 31 total tackles. His 20 solo tackles come in at No. 3 in the league.

There’s still time for Benson or another OSU defender to make a push, but as of right now Daniels is the MVP in my book.

Big 12 Record/Finish & Overall Record

Scott: 6-3, (4th) / 9-4
Cox: 6-3 (5th) / 8-5
Gregory: 6-3 (4th) / 10-3

Let’s not pile on Dekota here. It looks like all three of us got into the spiked Kool-Aid based on what we’ve seen so far. I take no pleasure in being in the lead with my prediction, but no one predicted the season to start like this.

Things aren’t going to get any easier from here on out. As Dekota wrote earlier this week, OSU went 2-2 against teams currently with losing records. The rest of the Cowboys’ opponents are at .500 or better. It looks like we all may have overshot it.

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