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Revisiting PFB’s Predictions for the 2018-19 College Football Season

See which PFB staffers are the best prognosticators and ridicule the rest.




The PFB crew got together just a few short months ago — how is football already over? — and laid out our predictions for the 2018-19 college football season. While few saw Oklahoma State’s year playing out the way it did, we were stumped on a few other points for the sport as a whole.

Let’s take a look at how those prognostications panned out.

Big Ten Champion: Ohio State

Kyle Porter: Ohio State — ?
Kyle Boone: Ohio State — ?
Kyle Cox: Wisconsin
Marshall Scott: Penn State
Dustin Ragusa: Ohio State — ?
Grant Newton: Ohio State — ?

Pac-12 Winner: Washington

Porter: Arizona
Boone: Washington — ?
Cox: Washington — ?
Marshall: Washington — ?
Ragusa: Washington — ?
Grant: Washington — ?

Big 12 Winner: Oklahoma

Porter: Oklahoma — ?
Boone: Oklahoma — ?
Cox: Oklahoma — ?
Marshall: Oklahoma — ?
Ragusa: Oklahoma —?
Grant: Oklahoma — ?

ACC Winner: Clemson

Porter: Clemson — ?
Boone: Clemson — ?
Cox: Clemson — ?
Ragusa: Clemson — ?
Marshall: Clemson — ?
Grant: Clemson — ?

SEC Winner: Alabama

Porter: Georgia
Boone: Alabama — ?
Cox: Auburn — ?
Marshall: Alabama — ?
Ragusa: Alabama — ?
Grant: Alabama — ?

CFP Final Playoff: Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Oklahoma

Porter: Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama
Boone: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Washington
Cox: Alabama, Clemson, Wisconsin, Auburn
Marshall: Alabama, Washington, Penn State, Clemson
Ragusa: Bama, Clemson, Washington, Ohio State
Grant: Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia.

I really loved Auburn this summer. ?

National Championship Game: Alabama vs. Clemson

Porter: Georgia vs. Clemson
Boone: Alabama over Ohio State
Cox: Alabama over Wisconsin
Marshall: Penn State over Alabama
Ragusa: Alabama vs. Clemson — ?
Grant: Alabama vs. Clemson — ?

Bold Predictions for CFB in 2018

Porter: Urban gets canned before the calendar flips (and he’s not the only massive name to eject). 

Well, there was plenty of controversy surrounding Meyer and Ohio State, and he has coached his last game for the Buckeyes. But he did step down on his own accord and continues to fill a role for tOSU. — 1/2 point

Boone: Every Heisman finalist will be a running back.

Not only were the Heisman finalist not all running backs, none were. All three were QBs.

Cox: Texas is not back. Also, Chip Kelly loses by three touchdowns in his return trip to Eugene.

If by back you mean fighting for second place behind Oklahoma, then yes. It appears Texas might be back.

I will take the credit for this one, though it was a shot in the dark. I did not expect UCLA to go 3-9 but I did predict the three-score loss to Oregon. The Ducks dispatched the Bruins 42-21. — 1/2 point

Marshall: This will be the year that solidifies the College Football Playoff needs to move to eight teams. Oklahoma will be left out, I bet another Group of Five school goes unbeaten and gets left out, and there will be some ticked off SEC school.

Oklahoma got in but UCF did win out in the regular season before LSU ended its 25-game streak. — 1/2 point

Ragusa: No Big 12 team in the playoff.

Grant: Oregon surprises people and makes a comeback. Justin Herbert can ball.

The Ducks did follow up a 7-6 finish in 2017 and went 9-4 winning their last three including their bowl game of Michigan State. — ?

Heisman Winner: Kyler Murray

We got this.

Porter: Bryce Love
Boone: J.K Dobbins
Cox: Bryce Love
Marshall: Tua Tagovailoa
Ragusa: Bryce Love
Grant: Jonathan Taylor

Final Tally (Because keeping score is fun)

Grant: 7 points
Ragusa: 6 points
Boone: 5 points
Marshall: 4.5 points
Cox: 3.5 points
Porter: 3.5 points

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