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PFB Predictions for College Football in 2018

The PFB team makes its picks for the conference winners and the Final Four to make it to the CFP.



We’ve already made our season predictions for Oklahoma State. Now, before the season officially kicks into high gear Saturday, the PFB team is ready to make its season predictions for the general college football landscape.

Because last year just went so well for us!

Big Ten winner

Kyle Porter: Ohio State

Kyle Boone: Ohio State

Kyle Cox: Wisconsin

Marshall Scott: Penn State

Dustin Ragusa: Ohio State

Grant Newton: Ohio State

Pac-12 winner

Porter: Arizona

Boone: Washington

Cox: Washington

Marshall: Washington

Ragusa: Washington

Grant: Washington

Big 12 winner

Porter: OU

Boone: OU

Cox: OU

Marshall: OU

Ragusa: OU

Grant: OU

ACC winner

Porter: Clemson

Boone: Clemson

Cox: Clemson

Ragusa: Clemson

Marshall: Clemson

Grant: Clemson

SEC winner

Porter: Georgia

Boone: Alabama

Cox: Auburn

Marshall: Alabama

Ragusa: Alabama

Grant: Alabama

CFP Playoff (Final Four)

Porter: Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama — I am already bored with my own picks.

Boone: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Washington

Cox: Bama, Clemson, Wisconsin, Auburn

Marshall: No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Washington, No. 3 Penn State, No. 4 Clemson – I think Alabama and Washington have a shot at running the table. Penn State might have one slip up in their tough schedule, and Clemson will probably drop a random game, as well.

Ragusa: Bama, Clemson, Washington, Ohio State

Grant: Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia. Same ol’ Same ol’. I think the Pac 12 and the Big 12 get left out this year.

National championship game

Porter: Georgia-Clemson

Boone: Alabama over Ohio State

Cox: Alabama over Wisconsin

Marshall: Penn State over Alabama – Nittany Lions turned Natty Lions. I’m expecting royalties from that when those shirts are made.

Ragusa: Bama, Clemson

Grant: Bama and Clemson.

Bold prediction for CFB this year

Porter: Urban gets canned before the calendar flips (and he’s not the only massive name to eject).

Boone: Every Heisman finalist will be a running back.

Cox: Texas is not back. Also, Chip Kelly loses by three touchdowns in his return trip to Eugene.

Marshall: Was picking Penn State to win not enough for you people? OK, how about this: This will be the year that solidifies the College Football Playoff needs to move to eight teams. Oklahoma will be left out, I bet another Group of Five school goes unbeaten and gets left out, and there will be some ticked off SEC school.

Ragusa: No Big 12 team in the playoff.

Grant: Oregon surprises people and makes a comeback. Justin Herbert can ball.

Heisman winner

Porter: Bryce Love

Boone: J.K Dobbins

Cox: Bryce Love

Marshall: Tua Tagovailoa – This would first mean Tagovailoa would have to beat out the newly undreadlocked Jalen Hurts, but I think he’s the better guy on what will be thought to be the best team throughout the season.

Ragusa: Bryce Love.

Grant: Jonathan Taylor, RB Wisconsin. This doesn’t seem like the year of the QBs. I was able to see Taylor play some last year, and he almost rushed for 2,000 yards as a freshman. The stiffest competition in the Big Ten West is Iowa, so I like Taylor’s chances early on.

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