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Rickie Fowler rode a camel in Abu Dhabi over the weekend

He didn’t play much good golf but Rickie Fowler is a fan of international play.



Oh look it's Rickie Fowler on a dang camel. (Getty)

Oh look it’s Rickie Fowler on a dang camel. (Getty)

This is what really rich people do.

They engage in activities us plebians could never dream of, much less participate in. They do rich people things in rich people countries all over the planet.

And they do them often.

Rickie Fowler played in the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship over the weekend[1. Though we might need a uni watch on him all season with the different Sunday combos he picks.] and finished T66 which isn’t very good considering Fowler’s rank and the strength of the field but who cares because “whatever, just gonna ride this humped animal over here for fun while a sheik leads me around.”

Fowler also talked about why he wants to start playing more globally.

“I know it’s done a lot for Pete[1. Peter Uihlein.] and Brooks,[1. Brooks Koepka.] as far as travel and going places you’ve never been before, learning about yourself and your golf game and growing up,” Fowler said.

“You definitely get out of your bubble, in terms of where we come from, because it’s a long way from home.

“Golf now gives you so many opportunities to use it and see different parts of the world. I enjoy different cultures, eating different kinds of food. You have to be open-minded when you travel the world.”

The lesson (as it usually is): It’s good to be Rickie Fowler.

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