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Rounding up the SI series on OSU

Everything you will ever need to read about the Sports Illustrated series on Oklahoma State.



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For posterity I wanted everything in one place. I likely missed a story (or 10) here and there but this is everything I wrote and saw and went back and thought was important to read.


10 thoughts

Preview — Pretty funny to go back and read this…
Preview 2 — Again, humorous (and this was just nine days ago!)
Preview 3 — See above.
Part One — The Money.
Part One (extra) — More on The Money.
Part Two — The Academics.
Part Three — The Drugs.
Part Four — The Sex.
Part Five — The Fallout.

Longer pieces

My biggest problem — Where’s the evidence, SI?
On Oklahoma State’s rapid ascent — Uh, what about Stanford?
Is there a hammer? — I thought there would be but there never really was.
10 things SI should have investigated — Levity!
The tide has turned on Sports Illustrated — I think this is when everything shifted.
Who is George Dohrmann? — His past work might surprise you.
The biggest fallacies in SI’s story — There were two especially that bothered me.
SI’s motive and a lapse in logic — Not gonna mention Boone’s money?
Summarizing the series — Each part gets one sentence.
Some OSU arguments are ridiculous — Oklahoma State fans got a little absurd in defending Oklahoma State.
The irony in SI’s series — And why OSU never mattered to them.
My final thoughts — What matters about this story, because most of it was worthless.

Former players

Markelle Martin — We were introduced to the phrase “We just southern breed DBs” which was great.
Andre Sexton — Still the most eloquent thing I saw from a former player.
Tatum Bell — He said nobody from SI contacted him.
Russell Okung — Gottlieb asks him to swear on his mom, he swears on himself.
Aso Pogi — Pogi tells his story and George Dohrmann defends himself.
Dez Bryant — All-time.
Vernand Morency — I was amazed at how many former stars spoke so eloquently and fairly on this topic.
Artrell Woods — This response was the opposite of eloquent.
Josh Fields — The former QB says stuff could have happened without him knowing about it.
Brandon Weeden — He torched Thayer.
Donnell Willians — On how Thayer tried to deceive him.
Doug Bond — On how he spoke generally about college football and that got used against him.
Artrell Woods — Woods says more insane things.
Josh Fields — Carson Cunningham interviews Fields about the whole mess.

Others associated with program

Former OSU instructor — One instructor told me he never saw ANY of this, if anything, the opposite.
Boone Pickens — Looking back this makes a lot more sense.
Marilyn Middlebrook — “We’ve dedicated our lives to integrity.”
Burns Hargis — On winning the right way.
Lindsay Fredenburg — An Orange Pride girl tells her story.
Mike Gundy — Gundy responds…kind of.
Burns Hargis — On what will be done to investigate the SI allegations.
Kennedy Lewellen — An Orange Pride girl wonders why SI didn’t print her response.

National reaction

Dan Patrick — “If this is Alabama, we care.”
Twitter roundup — This was the pre-reaction and it’s pretty great.
Twitter reaction to Part One — OKC Dave might have had the joke of the week…early, too.
Jason Whitlock — He destroyed Thayer Evans.
Spencer Hall — In defense of what?
John Walters — Former SI staffer weighs in.
Brandon Larrabee — SI has some questions to answer.
Jason Whitlock — The real issues in sports.
Jason Kirk — The sport of jaywalking.
Ty Duffy — What’s the point?
John Walters — More questions than answers.
Will Leitch — Some excellent thoughts here.

Local reaction

Shame now, fight later — How OSU should handle everything.
Some athletes shouldn’t be at school — I agree.
Berry’s breakdowns: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
OSU recruited dumbasses — So says Berry Tramel.
The lines are drawn — OSU players have nobody to blame.
Herschel Sims?? — I know, right?

Holes in the story

Transcripts — Brett McMurphy of ESPN pokes holes in SI’s story.
Phone calls — Deadspin wonders if SI even called anyone.

Sports Illustrated defense

Thayer Evans defends his work — He actually says some former players would have been better off going to a technical institute.
Thayer Evans defensds his work again — Those questions!
The follow-up — I actually think this is pretty good.
The Deadspin chat — This was…kind of weak.


Samantha Vicent — On the way SI conducted its investigations and potential NCAA violations.
Andre Sexton — As my dad said, I wish OSU had 22 Andre Sextons every year.
Jim Weber — Lost Lettermen founder talks about SI’s motive.
Brett McMurphy — On how he reported the errors in SI’s story.
Berry Tramel — On what the takeaway is.


OSU gets the cover — I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was.
How everyone left OSU — Great work by the O’Colly here.
Josh Fields raised money for John Talley’s FCA work — Stand up stuff.
Aso Pogi says Thayer Evans never showed him a tape recorder — Great work by Jimmie Tramel here. One of the more viral things that happened over the week.
OU — Even OU players were defending OSU!
Tales from a walk on — Probably the most viral thing that happened.
If the payouts were true — Somebody did the math on how much OSU would have paid players.
Mike Gundy bong hit — Greatest GIF ever?
Three of 30 players finished school at OSU — Hmmmm…
How to end the silliness — Tatum Bell holds the keys.
What George Dohrmann is thinking — This is what you get for working with Thayer Evans…
Kirk Herbstreit apology — My biggest whiff of the 10 days.
Will Tatum Bell be the first to talk legal action? — He still could be.
Wisconsin man has #HOTSPORTSTAKE — This is the problem if you’re OSU.
Thayer Evans’ past work on OSU — Chokie State, anyone?
Fan gives Boone money to buy SI — Hah!
Mrs. Pistols responds — Hilarious, per the usual.
On fact-checking — John Walters on how SI checks facts.
Boone says bye to SI — Amazing.
Vernon Grant’s dad responds — Devastation.
Not all injuries end badly — Such a great post here.

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