Roundtable: what does Ford have to do to be fired?

Written by Kyle Porter
Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Roundtable Thursday — OKC Dave, Amilian, and Carson joined me for a discussion on what Travis Ford has to do the rest of the season to get himself fired.

Kyle: What does Travis Ford have to do the rest of the season to get himself fired?

OKC Dave: Keep on keepin’ on.

Seriously though, As Amilian pointed out on Twitter, this is Ford’s masterpiece. He’ll take a top 10 pre-season team to the NIT while making the program look like a train wreck and leaving the cupboard bare for next year.

How are those season ticket renewals going to look this offseason? Holder will be forced to determine which option is better: continuing to pay Ford and losing even more of the OSU basketball fan base, or writing him a big check and taking a chance on someone else that can get people back to Stillwater.

I don’t know of a single OSU fan that is in Ford’s corner right now…does anyone else?

The other question Holder must consider is this: do you see OSU basketball improving under Travis Ford? Six seasons in, I have very little reason to believe that it will.

One benefit to keeping Ford: you will figure out who your core die-hard fans are, because those are the only ones who will be showing up.

Amilian: You know you have a serious coaching problem when you start the year as a national title contender and in February your coach says that your players cheering for a walk-on in a blowout loss is a step in the right direction.

Dave, your comment about die hard fans is unfair. Look at Cub fans. They will keep showing up to games whether in first place or last, so there’s no urgency for the front office to make immediate, necessary changes. If Ford isn’t fired, I’m not renewing my tickets because it’s just not worth the time and money.

If Gottlieb gets the job, there’s no question that I’ll renew them.

OKCD: Matt, I don’t have a problem with you deciding not to renew your tickets. My comment was more of an attempt at gallows humor. If Holder keeps Ford, he could probably block off a couple days on his calendar and hand deliver the tickets himself. If someone who loves OSU basketball as much as you do doesn’t renew, we are in a really bad situation.

Let’s get back to the original question. OSU will likely finish 7th in the Big 12 this year (possibly 8th depending on how the rematch with Texas Tech goes). Let’s look at where OSU has been seeded in the Big 12 Tournament under Ford:

2009: 7
2010: 7
2011: 9
2012: 7
2013: 3
2014: 7 or 8

Take out the high and low, and every year we’ve been a 7 seed. That is kind of fitting, right? Ford is not a terrible coach, but he’s a bad one. Not up to par with the other coaches in the Big 12. Ford will be fired from his current position; it’s just a matter of when.

Kyle: I wonder if you wiped the slate clean for each school and gave everyone a Bill Self clone as a coach, in what order would each school finish annually. That is, which school is bringing the most to the table in terms of fans/history/tradition/facilities/home court advantage and thus attracting great players and spurring them on to wins. Kansas is first but I wonder how the rest of that goes. My guess is that OSU is, on average, in the No. 3 or No. 4 range.

That being said, not all coaches are made equal and Kansas’ advantage is just exacerbated by the fact that it has a puppeteer like Self pulling the strings. I don’t expect us to win the Big 12 every year — I don’t think any of us do — but five 7+ seeds and one outlier in five years isn’t acceptable at Texas Tech, much less Oklahoma State.

If OSU goes 2-5 or 3-4 the rest of the way AND his contract can be negotiated to an appropriate buyout level (ie: < $4 million) then he’ll be gone this offseason. Side note (and this is embarrassing): I guess I didn’t realize contracts like his could be bought out until Dave mentioned something and I started digging on recent coaches who got the ax (Ben Howland etc.) We paid Sean pretty much everything he was owed when he was fired so that was my reference.

The strangest part of all of this to me is that, if you truly care about the OSU basketball program and believe that Ford is an atrocity, then logically you should be rooting against OSU the rest of the season. It would be tough to fire a guy who just won seven straight to get his team in the NCAA Tournament for the second straight year. I can do it, I guess, but not on Saturday against OU.

Amilian: I don’t think the question is what will Travis have to do to get fired this season, unless the answer is going all Larry Eustachy during one of our last few road trips. He’s done enough.

What if we asked this: “How much would Holder be willing to pay a new coach, on top of what he’s contractually obligated to pay Ford for the remainder of the contract? $250K? $500K? $1M?” (or whatever the buyout would be)

Then the follow-up question: “Will Gottlieb accept that amount?” I’m all in on Doug, and he has nothing to lose by accepting the job with minimal years guaranteed, right? If coaching doesn’t work out for him, the networks will be there to sign him back up for radio and TV.

Can the athletic department raise the amount Doug will require? Absolutely. Is it naive to assume Doug would be satisfied with a 6-figure salary starting out? Maybe.

OKCD: I think Doug would jump at the opportunity as long as we don’t insult him with the salary. I believe that he wants to coach, but he’s so good at broadcasting that it didn’t make sense to toil around in the lower ranks of college basketball to work his way up. Still, that desire to coach is still there. What other school can give him the opportunity to coach at a high level and get paid a salary that will make it worth his while?

At OSU, he would be given the opportunity to work with his brother – assuming he wants to, bring the OSU family back together, and give back to the university that gave him a second chance (and the one he clearly loves dearly). To do it while Eddie can still attend games sweetens the pot further.

I don’t know of any other hire outside of Bill Self that would fire up the OSU fan base more than Gottlieb.

Amilian: We could easily turn this into a “Hire Gottlieb” discussion, but that easily deserves its own post. Not long ago I thought there was zero chance Ford would be gone after this year, things keep getting worse.

As Kyle said, it’s almost like you should be pulling for this team to lose. I remember OU fans having this mindset toward the end of the John Blake years in the late 90s. No, I’m not going to sit in front of my TV and cheer for Iowa State, but I’m certainly able to see the upside in losing.

Kyle: The other thing I keep going back to with Ford is that it’s been six years and he hasn’t constructed a single thing (unless you think Christien Sager is a thing). I hate it when fans try to can a coach/player after 10 games or even two or three seasons just because they want you to be insta-Duke but he’s had 192 games to prove that he knows what he’s doing and he hasn’t even come close.

Carson: I don’t think even die-hard OSU fans realize Dave’s “No. 7 Special” stat on the Big 12 Tournament. That really sums up Ford’s tenure.

About a week ago I was asked if Ford would be let go and I scoffed at the notion, citing the $11 million he is owed. My how times have changed.

The number one way for a coach to get axed, no matter the contract, is if the fans stop showing up. Matt’s Cubs analogy was dead on. Forget all the “Loyal and True” jargon, the fans have one vote: Attendance.

If Gallagher-Iba is crickets to end this season, Holder must weigh: Buyout vs. Empty GIA next year. If Holder is sitting in a half-empty GIA, with a Crimson-laden crowd on Saturday, it may speed up the thought process.

Also, Doug Gottlieb would walk to Stillwater. And I bet there would be a parade waiting.

  • Laith

    The dark veil that covers this program is soon to be lifted. I can’t wait.

  • Nate

    There is not a person out there that loves OSU basketball more than me… That being said, it would be fantastic if OU just housed us on Saturday. It would be great if it’s embarrassingly empty in GIA as well. You HAVE to think long term. Beating OU, picking up a few more wins, and getting a 10 seed in the tournament does NOTHING good for this program. It hurts it. I think most of us would agree to that.
    The problem is… Can we expect Holder to make the right call and hire Gottlieb if/when he fires Ford? I’m not so sure. Holder is the guy that hired Ford in the first place, so to say he would for sure offer Gottlieb the job is maybe being optimistic. That’s scary. Would he hire another Ford? I don’t know – which is why there needs to be some sort of “campaign” from the fan base to let EVERYONE know that Gottlieb would be the guy that everyone can get behind. He would bring back fans that haven’t come back since the end of the Sutton days. A “we want Gottlieb” chant near the end of a blow out loss to K State in our final home game would be ideal…

    • Sugar Skull Pete

      Is your real name Frank Underwood?

    • Sugar Skull Pete

      Is your real name Frank Underwood?

    • Beat OU. Lose the rest of the games, sure, fine, ok, as long as Ford is gone. But there’s no way in fuck all hell that I can actively HOPE that OU beats us in GIA.

      • Scott

        you kind of blacked out and went all cussey there didn’t you?

        • No blackout required. You kind of went all ‘righteousy’ yourself.

    • Beat OU. Lose the rest of the games, sure, fine, ok, as long as Ford is gone. But there’s no way in fuck all hell that I can actively HOPE that OU beats us in GIA.

    • T-Bone

      Or we beat OU, win a couple more home games, do well in the B12 tourney, get a decent NCAA seed, go to the Final Four and Ford turns it around. We use the saved severance money to enhance the facilities and actually recruit tall guys that can play.

    • Tyler

      Suck for self

  • DC

    What’s the overwhelming evidence that says Gottlieb is the guy for the job? There’s the obvious OSU tie and on paper it looks good (young, energetic, former player, recognizable face, etc.). But the question is, does it appear that way because we’re comparing it to the current situation? There are few people who liked Doug more as a player and even now as an analyst, but I’m not getting a great feeling about a completely unproven person who hasn’t coached, recruited, or ran a program on any level yet. And maybe that’s okay. But to me, you’d have to argue at least that Brooks Thompson, Scott Sutton, and maybe even someone like Kyle Keller or Glynn Cyprien or James Dickey would give you someone with much more experience in regards to running/working for a major program (top 25) and they might be a little safer choice in terms of stabilizing the program. Then again, Doug could be basketball’s Gundy so who knows. But if the primary reason Doug is “getting votes” is because he’s an OSU guy who’s not Travis Ford, then I’m not sure that’s the best solution for OSU in the long term.

    • Nate

      He’s not “getting votes” because he’s just an OSU guy. He gets votes because he’s one of the best basketball minds out there who happened to be coached 3 years under Sutton.

      • DC

        I’d agree he’s definitely got an understanding of the game and yes, he played under Sutton for three years. But that qualification includes a lot of others that no one is mentioning, and some of those have more impressive coaching resumes. And the fact that he understands the game and played for a good coach, doesn’t mean he’ll be able to translate that into a successful team on the court (Sean). That’s where I struggle with this I guess. Knowing the game doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good coach (though in many cases it certainly helps).

        One other nugget… other than being an alum of the university, he’s not all that different on paper than Ford was when he started here. Former point guard, played for legendary coach, gym rat with deep understanding of game, great college player who never made it to the pros, etc. And Ford had at least shown the ability to coach at a few different programs. Who’d have thought we’d end up here.

        Again, I’m not saying Doug is the wrong guy. If all the dominoes fall the right way and we’re able to get rid of Ford and bring in Doug, I’ll be as excited and supportive as anyone. I just hope we’re able to move on from Ford and get someone who will resemble Sutton in that the team will play fundamentally sound basketball that translate into a winning program. But if I’m the AD, I’d cast my net a little wider to see what’s out there for me to catch. Getting a guy who could be great would be nice. Getting a guy who has been great would be nicer.

        • Nate

          “has been great?” Good gosh, I hope you’re kidding. Not happening.

          • DC

            Perhaps I misstated that. How about has been good? Otherwise, it suggests the goal is to get someone who’s not Ford rather than to get someone who has a reasonable expectation they’ll improve the quality of the program. If that’s the case, Fire Ford and promote Pierre. Or Page. I understand the likelihood of landing someone established or with an ounce of pedigree is low. But that should be the goal.

    • Matt Amilian

      It’s easy to throw out the “Experience vs No Experience” argument against Doug, but don’t get caught up with thinking experience equals success.

      Brooks Thompson – I like the idea but 103-111 in the middle of his 7th season at UTSA. Doesn’t scream success.

      James Dickey – Absolutely nothing against him as a man, but no.

      Cyprien/Keller – I don’t think the experience as an assistant coach is much better than Doug’s lack of experience.

      Sutton – Other than the name and making the Dance 3 out of 13 years at ORU, what do you know about his coaching ability?

      • DC

        Yes, it’s an easy argument to make. But that doesn’t mean it’s one that shouldn’t be made. I agree with your analysis on almost every name on that list actually. My point was merely that on paper, they don’t look a lot better or worse than Doug.

        The one I disagree with is Scott Sutton. Based on my five minute wiki review… his record isn’t staggering overall and he coaches in a weak conference. But since 2003, they’ve never finished below third in conference, they don’t typically get blown out, they’ve had some very good wins over solid major programs each year (they lost @KSU this year by 8, we lost by 3), and he played at OSU and has a style that probably doesn’t stray too far from his father. And even with all that, I’m not sure I’d hire him at this point.

        As an OSU fan, what I want is Lon Kruger, Tubby Smith, someone who can come in here and take the talent we’re able to get, which isn’t bad, and get them to play something that resembles basketball. Maybe Doug is that guy. But to me, saying Gottlieb is the answer is a little bit like saying if Gundy leaves, we need Brandon Weeden to coach the football team.

        • Patrick Richards

          I think the difference with doug and other people with no experience, is that there is a lot of coaching in his family. He has a brother who is an assistant at Cal and his dad was a coach when he was growing up. I think this helps with his lack of experience. Also, he played a lot over seas, and has been around he game his whole life.
          Also, he fits well into the category of players turned coaches who were good enough to get to the college level, but didn’t excel (we’d complain about him on this board if he was playing today).

          • Brian S.

            Patrick, Can his brother coach? Maybe we should be looking at him instead. In my opinion, DC is spot on in his assessment. Doug lacks any coaching experience or success which is very relevant.

    • ChanceDM

      I think that’s why you don’t give the guy a 10 year contract. I say 3 years, see what happens.

  • orangepop

    I hope you’re joking about Doug. Don’t want another coach that doesn’t have a track record in taking teams to the Big Dance and winning. I have nothing against Doug other than he never could shoot free throws. 🙂

    • Brian S.

      But he played under Eddie at OSU and sounds good on the air. That has to count for something.

  • MarcusFan

    Um its a rough go for anybody that takes this job…. the cupboard is bare… as in empty … as in ya

  • Dylan S

    The fastest way for a coach to get axed is to be at the center of real controversy. For example, if Ford had pushed a Tech fan instead of Smart, there’s a 99% chance he’d be gone at the end of the year and a 50% chance he’d already have coached his last game.
    In regards to Doug, he’s spent the past dozen years immersed in NCAA hoops, watching and breaking down film and following recruiting, has made connections throughout every level of basketball, coaching is in his blood and I’m confident he’d surround himself with intelligent, experienced assistants. I say we take a chance on him. Because I totally get a say.

    • Patrick Richards

      My worthless vote goes to Doug, too. He came on the CBS eye on college basketball podcast today and talked CBB w/ Gary Parrish, including Marcus Smart and OSU hoops. I agree that he would be a good coach. And I also think he is also the opposite of Ford, which, in my opinion is just as important as basketball coaching to the fan base at this point (maybe bc the opposite of ford is a good coach?).

    • Patrick Richards

      My worthless vote goes to Doug, too. He came on the CBS eye on college basketball podcast today and talked CBB w/ Gary Parrish, including Marcus Smart and OSU hoops. I agree that he would be a good coach. And I also think he is also the opposite of Ford, which, in my opinion is just as important as basketball coaching to the fan base at this point (maybe bc the opposite of ford is a good coach?).

    • T-Bone

      Ok I will start. Coach Ford is a piece of crap. Come push me Coach.

  • KWC

    I heard a national sports guy today say that nationally Travis Ford is seen as a good coach. I was driving at this moment, when I almost blacked out and almost hit 3 dogs hoping it was a dream. It was not. I did not catch the guys name, but he has obviously not seen the facts and just seen the final records. The final records each year for Ford have not been bad, but they have been bloated by a very very very weak non-conference schedule each year. The final record is not showing how poor his teams have been in conference play. The only difference between last years team and every other Ford team at OSU is that they hustled and played with intensity. The offensive game plan has always been poor. The hustle and effort have always been minimal. They have never been able to screen or box out. Doug I think would be a good fit. He has an obvious knowledge of the game and have answer and control of the program. Winning or losing the product would be better on and off the court with Doug. I like Holder for the most part, but why did he sign Ford to such a long contract? Gundy had to flirt with other jobs to get paid more, but Ford just had to swim in mediocrity? One coaches wins and disciplines his players, and one coach just cusses and tries to throw computers off scorers table…

    • Big Daddy

      I agree with that. Ford won one game in the ncaa tournament and Holder was ready to hand him the keys to the kingdom. Now everyone sees why Gundy was flirting with other job offers. He has proven what he can do on the field. Ford has proven he is a good recruiter but further than that couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. We have no discipline, no defense, no big wins, no tournament appearances, and no big 12 championships. Holder better be glad he is in Pickens hip pocket or he should be cowering like Ford worrying about his job.

  • jane

    So……I’m really not familiar with who this is, but someone brought this to my attention. Is this tweet anything legit?

    The Swaim Show ‏@GSwaim Feb 12
    Hearing from inside that the dismal APR number for #OKState basketball may well be the loophole to the contract buyout, if needed.

    • Chip

      You would need to see the actual contract to know. I would hope that a low APR would be consider cause in any college coach’s contract.

    • Scott

      could also be something that sours the appearance of the job (to any serious prospects) if we get hit with sanctions (no TV, no post-season, etc)

  • Twatty

    Where did all this blind ‘hire Doug’ nonsense start? I like him as an on-air personality and sure he knows a lot of people in industry. I do not, however, agree that this translates to coaching pedigree. Right now, OSU needs an established winner with a disciplined style and a dire need to bring in 4 or 5 quality players immediately. Just because Doug played for Eddie doesn’t mean he is Eddie. Will players come play for him? There’s no guarantee.

    • Dylan

      LOL, I have had the same thought ever since someone first brought that up. I think the Mayor up in Ames has set a slippery precedence that people are washing over in that his success, despite no real coaching experience, is not a common thing.

      Doug could be incredible out of the gate, and I’ll eat my shoe if that comes to fruition, but count me skeptical until then.

      • DC

        Exactly. Hoiberg is the exception, not the rule.

      • Sean

        exactly. I don’t want an unproven coach. We need a definite upgrade, and we don’t know that Gottlieb would be an upgrade. Give me the Wichita State coach, and whatever he wants, I’d do it. Outside of that, there are a few options out there that are more enticing than Doug. I don’t get it. Just because someone is an alum people go crazy for them

        • Joey

          I’m not sure that Gregg Marshall would leave WSU for OSU at this point. Other than more conference prestige, and maybe a slightly higher paycheck, at this point I’m not certain that OSU appears to be a better job than WSU. Marshall is getting paid quite well up at WSU Would take a lot to get him here.

        • Tyler

          There’s no way we are getting a proven coach. There’s only a handful and they pick the big time programs

          • T-Bone

            We may not get an A coach but can we at least get a B coach? We have a C coach right now working his way into a D.

        • Kyle Porter

          Is OSU a better program than Wichita State?

          • DC

            Man I hope so. The irony is if someone asked that at some other point in history you’d swear they were talking about baseball.

          • T-Bone

            If this year is an indication, then the answer is no.

        • MB

          I don’t know how much it matters to the coach, or if it is a real advantage or anything. But there is also the whole, there is no football program to wash over the basketball program, thing. So the WSU fans pack that place out because it is what they got. Not saying Marshall couldn’t get GIA packed. I’d like to think any coach who puts a decent product on the floor and wins with some regularity would keep a good atmosphere. However, Marshall doesn’t have to worry about a major attendance drop if he under performs a season or two.

    • Nate

      LOL at you pie in sky people thinking we can just go out and get an “established winner”. Get real. That’s not happening.

      • Twatty

        I never said we could get one. I said we ‘need’ one.

        Don’t pick my words apart Nate. I respect your opinions more than Kyle 😉

  • Pistols Fired!!

    DOUG GOTTLIEB…. probably isn’t the answer. I have no problem with Doug as a person… but a former point guard who didn’t care to make himself at least an average free throw shooter or enable himself to make a layup isn’t doesn’t exactly have me on the edge of my seat. Doug was the assist king for a reason. He would try to find someone to feed the ball even when defensive players were diving into the passing lanes and leaving him wide open in the lane… because he could not shoot!! and hack-a-doug was an effective strategy late in games because he was a liability at the line. …totally unacceptable from a point guard. at this point I would take Charles Manson over Ford…. but Doug would have alot to prove. jmho

    • Matt Amilian

      You used “Doug was the assist king” and “totally unacceptable from a point guard” in the same paragraph.

      And I don’t think “But why didn’t he improve his free throw shooting?” will be a question asked during the hiring process (when there is one).

      • Pistols Fired!!

        Matt, I understand your point of view, I just don’t totally agree with it, as you don’t mine. Coaching requires a meticulous attention to detail… and my point is that Doug didn’t display that attribute as a player… perhaps I should have worded it, “Doug was the self-appointed assist king….”

        • matthew wade

          Travis Ford was a terrible actor and nobody held that against him in the hiring process.

    • Tyler

      Scott Brooks wasn’t exactly all pro and he’s doing just fine and Jason Kidd is a hall of famer and the nets are awful. Doug would do a lot more good for our basketball program than bad.

      • Pistols Fired!!

        Tyler… your examples are probably on point. Scott Brooks was an assistant for years and had the opportunity to craft his head coaching style. Jason Kidd became a head coach with NO coaching experience… Which sounds the most like Doug?? Interesting that you would use those examples in support of hiring Gottlieb… I will give you a like for your trouble…

        • Tyler

          I didn’t say experience wasn’t an issue. I’m just saying determining that he won’t be a good coach just bc he couldn’t shoot isn’t a factor we should look at. Doug isn’t my number one but he’s in the top 5 and is the most likely hire.

  • jamiles1

    I don’t know much about Doug as a coach. That is to say, I have no knowledge of his coaching history (if any), and I think this is where we have to be careful. I will say Doug has some excellent basketball knowledge and is one of the best in the biz. I really liked him as a player and I like the idea of an “Eddie” guy. However, listening to the radio in Dallas the other day, I think this is a good example of why it looks good on paper, but may not be the best executed.

    via Junior Miller, 1310 the Ticket (Top 5/Bottom 5 coaching hires in DFW)

    Quinn Buckner: No coaching experience at any level when chosen by the
    Mavs in ’92. Hired from the broadcast booth. Went 13-69, the worst
    record in the NBA during the 92-93 season, and the worst record ever for
    a rookie head coach who lasted the full campaign. He was fired two
    days after the final game of the year.

  • Alum in AZ

    I have not been that critical of Ford thus far, but have recently reached the tipping point. My current dream scenario (other than Self coming home) is for Gottlieb to pick up the program NOW – for the balance of this season and a possible late spark. Financially and tactically impractical, I realize… but worth wondering if a change like that could indeed be a spark for the team.

    • T-Bone

      I think a now firing would give the job the assistant for the rest of the season. You still need some consistancy in the schemes etc.

      • Alum in AZ

        Absolutely – completely agree. That’s one of those tactically impractical dynamics. I was just daydreaming about the scenario.

  • OSU-Bill

    Obviously, one of the biggest factors is the terms of Ford’s contract. The major factors are (1) whether there are any “outs,” like the APR number; (2) how Ford gets paid after termination; and (3) Oklahoma law (I assume that applies) on issues like mitigation of damages. Absent a clear “out,” assuming that post-termination payments are accelerated (i.e., OSU obligated to pay a lump sum on termination), and assuming that Oklahoma law (or the contract itself) would impose a duty a mitigate damages or otherwise relieve OSU in whole or in part if/when Ford found other employment, then the big question is what are the odds that Ford gets another job and how long will that take.

    If Ford is likely to get a new job right away for approximately the same salary, Ford would have a big incentive to negotiate a buy out but OSU would not. If Ford is unlikely to get a new job for some time or be paid drastically less, then OSU has an incentive to try to negotiate a buy-out for a lump sum payment with drastic discounting.

    Does anyone have or can get a copy of Ford’s contract? The Oklahoman got a copy ( and I assume the Tulsa World has as well under Oklahoma’s sunshine law.

    Kyle or Carson, can either of you get a copy from one of the contract from Barry, Gina, or one of the reporters from the Oklahoman or World? I’d be willing to review, summarize, and analyze the contract if you could get me a copy.

  • Scott

    i don’t care if doug can coach or if doug can’t coach. This post is about getting the sitting coach out the door. If we can overcome the buyout – THEN that opens up many enticing possibilities that would be fun to think about.
    But the non-stop arguing about “hire doug” / “doug is unproven” / “doug couldn’t shoot free-throws” is wasted key strokes at this point.

    • Pistols Fired!!

      I have keystrokes to waste and this comment section is about the above conversation which did include strong opinions of hiring Doug…. but you are right, we actually have absolutely no say in Ford’s tenure or possible replacements, thus all of our keystrokes are wasted everyday… and at all points.

  • ck1911

    We should be griping about being a 7 seed in the NCAA tourney, let alone the Big 12.

  • Tyler

    Who would have thought this was even possible after we beat Memphis. I was thinking about going to the final four in Dallas! Geez

  • Kurtis Hanni

    We’ve had season tickets since the expansion of GIA. 2 years ago, with Marcus and the other recruiting, we upgraded to mid-court, upper level. The thought was “with the success we could have in the next 2 seasons, season tickets could be hard to come by”. Well, here we are, 2 years later, paying out the wazzoo, and still able to sit any place in the arena we want.

    OR buy any ticket we want, for any game. Unless Ford is fired, that will not be changing. Count us on the list of getting rid of those season tickets(unless Ford is gone).

  • Brian S.

    Coach Gundy and Holliday both worked their way up the coaching ladder. I don’t recall Gottlieb climbing that ladder. He did play under Eddie and he sounds great on the air, but I just don’t see how that translates to him being the answer and obvious dream candidate as mentioned over and over on this blog. Can he recruit? Can he motivate his players? Can he game plan and scheme? Can he manage a program and team? Even Bryndon Manzer has more coaching experience than Gottlieb, and he sounds pretty good on the air too. Are there any Iba / Sutton disciples left that are actually coaching that could revitalize our program? If not, drive north to Wichita, and/or south to Dallas to watch SMU play. I heard their coaches are pretty good. There has to be a better option than former player current radio TV personality Gottlieb.

  • Deflated Poke

    I would love to see Coach Littell move over to the men’s side. He can obviously coach.