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Scott Verplank’s Favorite Mike Holder Story Involved a Jab at OSU’s Football Program



All eyes are on Karsten Creek as Oklahoma State’s men’s golf team both hosts and is right in the hunt for an NCAA title. And predictably several former Cowboys are in town for the festivities.

During the Golf Channel’s coverage, former Cowboy NCAA champ Scott Verplank shared some history of golf at OSU, including back during his time from 1982-86 when he played under current athletic director Mike Holder.

Verplank was asked for his favorite Holder story and he kindly obliged describing a time during his senior season when OSU’s men’s team was playing without a strict dress code.

Verplank says he chose an OSU football polo instead of his normal golf team swag — this was obviously before the Swinging Pete polo was available. Either way, Verplank repped the grid iron Cowboys and Holder took exception.

“And he [Holder] came up to me on one par 3 and he poked me in the chest and he goes ‘What’s that?’, and I said, ‘Well, you said we could wear whatever we wanted.’ He pokes me in the chest and he goes, ‘How many national championships have they won?’ and I went, ‘Coach, I don’t think any.’ and he just turned around and walked off.

“He got his message through but at the same time I was friends with the football [coaches], and I like football. But hopefully the golf team can drag the football team across the line one time.”

This was well before Holder was the face of an entire athletic department so hopefully Mike Gundy and Co. will give him a pass in the name of a little inter-sport competition. Besides, Holder was ahead of the regime that saw the Cowboys posthumously being named 1945 national champions. All’s well that ends well.

Check out the full interview below.

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