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Six Reasons to Subscribe to PFB+

Come join the best OSU news and community.



In case you’ve somehow missed it, Pistols Firing — this website you’re reading — has a premium product. It’s called PFB+, and we think you’ll very much enjoy it. It’s a way for us to ensure that we exist for a long time into the future, and it’s a way for you to join the Oklahoma State conversation in a more substantial way. Our tagline as an organization is the best Oklahoma State news and community — which is what we’re working toward — and PFB+ is the greatest version of that. Here are six reasons you should subscribe.

1. Ad-Free Browsing: I was on another site that covers OSU the other day, and after I clicked on the page, I literally could not see the words I came to read because of how many ads were covering up the space. Ads — too many ads — stink. If you’re a PFB+ subscriber, you won’t see any ads on our site. I’ve been browsing like this for a while, and if you spend any amount of time on here it’s worth the two dimes a day you’ll pay for it because of how clean and uniform the experience is.

2. Gameday Threads: They have been a delight. I’m tossing GIFs at people. Other folks are cursing about how our word blocker blocked their previous attempt to curse. Everybody is screaming about the red-zone offense. It’s a sports bar of folks who are actually funny and entertaining to chat with during games. Here’s our OSU-Tech thread for today for PFB+ subscribers.

3. Chicken Recruiting Nuggets: We’re able to deal in rumors and hearsay (as well as well-sourced information) more in our PFB+ forum — also known as The Chamber — than we are on here. Kyle B. has been dropping Bryce Thompson info and Cade Cunningham info like …..


4. Giveaway City: This month we gave away a $50 gift card to Hideaway to one of our subscribers. Other months we’ve given basketball tickets or prints of some of our best photos. Some of our subscribers have probably actually made money off of us in terms of the value of the stuff we’ve given away. On this note, we’re currently close to 600 subscribers. If we get to 700 by Halloween then we’ll give away season basketball tickets for two to one of our subscribers. If we get to 1,000 by the bowl game, we have something even more special planned that I don’t want to announce yet. Two pretty cool deals that require some real momentum in the weeks ahead.

5. More Voice: Folks who are PFB+ subscribers simply have more voice in shaping what we do. They’re involved in the PFB+ portion of The Chamber (which is mostly where we hang out), and they have helped us think about what PFB should be in the future. Like assistant coaches, but if Gundy actually listened to them.


6. Future Stability: We were able to hire our first FTE this year. That’s exciting for us and a good thing for you because Marshall Scott is grinding on the weekly beat in Stillwater. He’s entrenched there, which gives us legitimacy and continuity. Also, it’s no secret that the media world is a mess right now. You all saw what happened to Sports Illustrated this week. The way forward is not on the back of a silver bullet, but rather a mixture of revenue streams. This is one of them, and it will ensure you get the best OSU news and community for years and years to come.

Today — just like the last few Saturdays — we’re giving away PFB+ subscriptions at a discount. If you sign up for the yearly version today (and only today), your account will be credited $1 for every point OSU scores against Tech. Our yearly version is $80 so if OSU scores 66 points like they did in 2011, you’ll get $66 refunded to you. You can sign up right here.

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