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SMC – Breaking Down the Spring Game



I know we’ve already talked about it a little bit and posted one video, but OSU put this video (with play-by-play from Dave Hunziker) and I wanted to break it down a little further.

My thoughts:

  • The throw Weeden makes at 1:41 is an NFL throw. I know it was dropped and maybe wasn’t squarely on target, but you don’t throw 20-yard outs that look like they were shot out of a t-shirt cannon if you aren’t going to be paid to play football someday.
  • Joseph Randle, good grief, I want to say he looks Reggie Bush-ish but he’s built differently than that. I’ll settle with “Pat White minus the arm” but reserve the rights to change that to “poor man’s McFadden” whenever I want to.
  • If Brandon Chatmon is driving, I’m riding shotgun: Josh Cooper is going to have a MASSIVE year.
  • Nobody in college football can chase down Justin Gilbert if he gets 3/4 of a step. Also big props to his Warrick Dunn-esque back flap.
  • Every time I see Clint Chelf I think “Brady Quinn’s little brother.”

Only 127 more days…

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