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SMC: Gundy and Reece



Hat tip to the Orange Power folks for finding this.

First of all, I almost can’t believe this exists. I mean, can you imaging Nick Saban doing something like this? It looks like Reece and Gundy are out to eat with their families and there’s like a 30+ minute wait during which Reece says “oh, I have all these OSU trading cards in my pocket, let’s whip them out and talk about them for 8 minutes and you guys can put it on YouTube!”

I love Gundy so much, he provides such great unintentional comedy and yet I think he loves OSU just as much as the rest of us.

Him talking about Hart Lee Dykes is all-time. Also how about the butt slap he gets from someone who is decidedly not his wife at the 7:05 mark?!

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