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So Long, Keiton



I was going to throw this in the Bullets but there were too many amazing/hilarious things to point out…

I honestly thought at one point Ford was going to kiss him. Not like on the lips or anything but it got a little touch and go there for a while.

Does Cezar think the fans are cheering for him?

Keiton’s brother, doin’ work.

Check the 1:03 mark, Ford is crying.

It kind of goes without saying, but how much do Keiton’s teammates love him? I can’t even imagine how the “let us put you on our shoulders” conversation went down.

On the 1:59 mark…we could use one of those.

The 95-year old at the 2:20 mark in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl shirt is a better fan than any of us will ever be.

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