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So, Uh, Who’s Going to Score for Travis Ford This Year?

Other than Phil Forte.



This upcoming basketball season might be a bit of a mess.

“I don’t have any idea who I want to start, other than Phil Forte,” Travis Ford said on Monday. “This morning there were a few guys that surprised me with how focused they were and how well they played.”

It goes deeper than that, though. Who’s going to score? Nearly 52 percent of OSU’s scoring (Le’Bryan Nash, Anthony Hickey, Mike Cobbins and others) is gone.

“What we have to figure out right now is who’s going to score the ball, how they’re going to score it and where,” said Ford. “We don’t know that yet. With that, we have to figure out where our points are going to come from and how we’re going to get them. That’s a work in progress and my No. 1 thing right now.

“We need to create offense from our defense, offensive rebound more and get to the free-throw line. Those are some areas that we’re looking to add to our points when you look at a team that lost some scoring. From that standpoint, we need to get those bonus points.”

Yikes. I hope this doesn’t turn into the Keiton Page Memorial “let the short white guy yank 35x a game” Offense.

One bight spot is going to be at point guard, and it might turn out to be one of the sources of OSU’s points. Phil Forte has already said freshman Jawun Evans is a better player than he is. Travis Ford doesn’t necessarily agree, but he does point out that Evans is really, really good.

“The other day, we had one of our one-hour practices, and he was the guy doing all the scoring because he needed to,” Ford said. “He felt it; (he) needed to start scoring. He was floating in the paint, pull-ups, getting in the lane, doing different stuff, but his strength is making other guys better.”

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