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Social Media Has Field Day With OU, Texas, SEC Rumors

This helps numb the pain.



The last few days have been a whirlwind as OU’s and Texas’ reported interest in joining the SEC has quickly turned into OU’s and Texas’ (seemingly) imminent departure from the Big 12.

Rumors and reports have been flying left and right to create chaos unlike anything since the last round of realignment, and — as you’d expect — social media has had quite the time with all of this.

Here’s a look at what has happened the last few days, starting of course with a fantastic OSU meme from Channing Caudill.

And from Josh Callaway.

How about this: Some SEC love from PMT. (He’s 75% right here, but wowza is Texas Tech the odd man out of this bunch!)

Don’t hate the Pac-16 idea. Has absolutely no ring to it. But it beats the Tiny 8.

The KD memes never really get old.

Slight pain here.

Lot going on here.

The facts are the facts, you know?

Naturally, Alabama will be unfazed by all this.

The same can’t be said of A&M. Hahahaha!

I think I disagree? Give me Bedlam three times a year even if OU is in the SEC and OSU is in the SWAC, if for no other reason than OSU would need that game. (Respectfully, Cade!)

Sir, please, think about the children!

This one is NOT safe for work. A lot of foul language, but funny nonetheless.

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