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Social Media Reaction to Myles Garrett Assault on Mason Rudolph

Pat Mahomes and Brandon Weeden weigh in.



So … in case you missed it, Mason Rudolph got assaulted with his own helmet on Thursday evening in a 21-7 loss to the Browns.

In the waning seconds of the game, Myles Garrett absolutely lost his mind, ripped Rudolph’s helmet off his head and attacked him with it. Literally swung it at him and hit him atop the dome!

It was unbelievable and brazen and one of the most bizarre endings to a football game ever. Garrett is going to get suspended, and this will go down as one of the handful of most-talked about events of the NFL season.

Everybody who was watching of course had a take on the situation, and most of them sat somewhere between “completely outraged” and “borderline catatonic.”

Here’s a sampling of what folks who cover, play and talk about football were saying in the wake of the Garrett-Rudolph incident on Thursday night.

Garrett’s former fellow DE in Cleveland was Rudy’s teammate first.

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