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Social Media Reacts in Pain, Misery as OSU Football Falls in Guaranteed Rate Bowl

It was a no good, terrible night to be an OSU fan.



Devin Wilber/PFB

OSU fans stayed up late Tuesday night to watch their team fall 24-17 in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl and OSU fans reacted predictably (and appropriately) to how one should react when their favorite team lays out a stinker in a second-rate bowl.

It was not particularly pretty.

There were some highlights — Garret Rangel’s under-handed touchdown, Stephon Johnson’s house call early in the game among them — but there was far more pain and misery to be seen on social media than celebration.

Here’s a sampling of some of the best (and worst) of it all.

Let’s start with Dez getting hyped early (before pretty much the rest was misery).

One can hope, Taylor.

I’m gonna be honest. I am very glad this season is over. Maybe the least fun I’ve had covering a team! Maybe next year will be better?

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