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Social Media Roundup: Bedlam Baseball Sweep, Cowboy Football Edits, and Throwback Thursday



It’s been another fun week on social media with all of you. The Social Media Roundup features highlights from baseball’s history sweep of the team down south, a look at what OSU’s recent draftees might look like in their professional uniforms, and some classic throwback photos. Enjoy.

Sundays Are For Sweeeeeeeps

I was at the game and can confirm, definitely a sell out.

Look at all that orange.

I don’t have this much swagger in my right pinky finger.

If you’re late to the party and don’t know what the Gap Band tweets are about give this a listen.

He and Mike Gundy need to have a talk.

Carson Teel earned another accolade from the sweep.

Cowboy Football

These edits are clean. Pretty neat seeing these guys in their respective uniforms even if it’s Photoshop.

What do you call a group of goats????

Speaking of GOATs, a member of the Oklahoma State family got some good news on Thursday.

Someone check that man’s pulse.

Lundblade met Boone on Wednesday after, it appears, he finished playing a round at Augusta.

OSU Twitter Smorgasbord

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride Bullet after a Cowboy touchdown? Now you don’t have to.

Weekly reminder you should be following Doug Shivers on Twitter.

Those black unis! ?



Really nice work by T.C. here.

It’s dead week on campus which means there’s time for things like this.

Funny Non-OSU Tweet

If you don’t at least crack a smile you are not human.

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