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Social Media Roundup: #Dax2Stilly, Marcus Smart, & Coaches vs Cancer



It was a pretty exciting week on OSU Twitter. Graduations took place on Friday and Saturday (I graduated on Saturday!), the Hill brothers put us on red alert during Mother’s Day, Marcus Smart is doing his best to get PAID this offseason, and Coaches vs Cancer held their annual Cowboy Classic Golf Event. I hope you enjoy today’s edition and have a great Thursday.



Justice’s tweet seemed to be a bit of retaliation to this exchange earlier in May.

I responded in a similar way to Boone.

Grayson doing his part to sway Dax ?.

I think this was just the Hill brothers having some fun, but Dax did retweet our article too. So who knows? ??‍♂️

Cowboy & Cowgirl Graduation Photos ?‍? ?‍? ?

The Big 12 Tournament falls on graduation weekend, so the annual tradition for the softball team is to have their ceremony on the field. Really cool stuff.

Can’t wait for Lacy to be the next Randy Moss in New England. You heard it here first.

Marcus Smart Dominating the Eastern Conference Finals

#LetsWork mentality in action.

It’s Smart’s bag year. He’s earning it. ??

Coaches vs. Cancer Cowboy Golf Classic

I want video of Big Mitch swinging a club.

$140,730 raised for the fight against cancer!!! Incredible.

Cowboy Cornucopia

Would you believe this man makes $5 mil a year if you passed him on the street?

Gundy’s next marketing campaign. Excellent idea.

They announced this on Thurman’s birthday. Very cool.


I hope this made your day like it made mine.

My Favorite Non-OSU Tweets

This latest sensation to break the internet. I cannot fathom hearing “yanny”. If you do, you’re not human. Won’t convince me otherwise.

I still wheeze from laughing so hard at this! The more you watch the funnier it gets.

If you ever wondered how I keep up with all of these people, I made a list on Twitter. You can subscribe to it here: Oklahoma State people.

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