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Social Media Roundup: It’s Time to Gear Up for Cowboy Basketball

Let’s shift the focus towards basketball for a minute.



Oklahoma State ended an odd 2018 season with a loss to TCU Saturday. While fans await the Cowboys’ bowl destination, its time to turn your attention to the basketball program, as Mike Boynton led this team to a 2–1 record at the Advocare Invitational, including a win over 19th-ranked LSU Sunday afternoon.

Cowboy Basketball

The Crime Dog is on a tear this year. Averaging nearly 17 points per game and making shots like this.

Yor Anei impressed in Orlando. His presence was felt on the court, and missed when he was on the bench.

Some more love for Yor.

Give Boynton a mic any chance you get. He shines.

“Ice” looked great against LSU. 9 points. 9 boards. 8 assists.

Some national media members are buying stock in the Pokes.

Dicky V!!

The Pokes won’t finish last in the conference. But man, the Big 12 is brutal. Getting to nine wins would be a feat.

The grind doesn’t stop for Coach Boynton.

Looks like OSU will be in the Preseason NIT in 2019.

Cowboy Football

Tough loss against TCU Saturday caps an odd 2018 season.

This was weird.

OSU scheduled two matchups with Oregon last week. 2025 and 2026.

Kliff Kingsbury was let go from Tech this week.


Chris Carson is still hurdling players

Another look for you.

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