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Some tweaks that could be made to the OSU football uniforms

With a few tweaks OSU’s uniforms could become even more elite.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Here are a few things people (including me) noticed when I was ranking the OSU football uniforms leading up to the season:[1. If you haven’t noticed yet uniform posts are going to be an ongoing thing this year.]

• This one was from my dad: How about an alternate black helmet where the brand is in white and outlined in orange. Like the inverse of the alternate white helmet[1. I’m in on that.]

• Everybody is in on this one: change the brand on the orange helmet to black. It’s a no-brainer, the easiest thing they can do to improve the overall look.

• On the black pants the gray stripe could be changed to white and nobody would complain. See here.

• This was from Carson: Change the white helmets to a matte finish so they don’t look like cue balls anymore.

• Bag the white face masks on the carbon fiber helmets (see above).

• Make the gray pants a shade or two lighter — actually, just steal Oregon’s gray pants and call it good.

• Make “COWBOYS” across the chest bigger. I shouldn’t need a 88″ TV to be able to read the name of the team I’m watching.

• I could give or take Crazy Pete on the hip. It doesn’t devastate me the way the gray devastates many of you but if they replaced it with regular Pete or just the orange “O”[1. Never knew what was wrong with the orange “O” — it looks terrific.] I’d be fine.

• Throwbacks to the 1986 helmets and jerseys and 1996 pants (see below) because…duh.

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 1.55.33 PM

• You know the Bible verse “love covers over a multitude of sins”? I would like to implement this verse into my uniform bible: black shoes with white shoelaces covers over a multitude of uniform mistakes.

There’s really not a ton I can complain about when it comes to the uniforms — I don’t want pistols on the shoulders in the Oregon vein, I don’t want Maryland-y helmets, I don’t want Under Armour to look at these uniforms, much less touch them, and I don’t think I want chrome either.[1. Unless Nike has some chrome in the works and it looks great and makes OSU play as fast as Oregon, then I’M ALL GOOD!]

Anybody got any other ideas?

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