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Source: Dismissed Basketball Player Calloo Could Return to OSU

A dismissed frosh could potentially return to OSU.



On Jan. 16, Maurice Calloo, Kentrevious Jones and Michael Weathers were formally dismissed from the OSU men’s basketball team for a violation of rules.

On March 6, the Tulsa World reported those rules were, instead laws: the trio were charged with nine counts of malicious injury to property stemming from a Jan. 1 incident involving damage to vehicles using an air rifle. The dismissals and the incident are related.

As we sit here on April 10, however, one player could potentially return.

A source told Pistols Firing Blog this week that Maurice Calloo could return to the team. Calloo committed to Cleveland State days after his dismissal. But as more information is gathered about the incident, more people believe Calloo was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong crowd. As a source close to Calloo told PFB: “He wasn’t the one who shot the gun. Guilty by association. They dismissed him because he would not tell on the others.”

OSU coach Mike Boynton at the time left the door slightly cracked open when asked if the dismissals were permanent or if a return to the program was possible.

“I don’t have a crystal ball,” he said. “I would put the odds at very, very slim that any of them return at any point.”

Calloo averaged 10.8 minutes per game as a bench player last season. The Windsor, Ontario native showed signs of developing into a useful forward.

Calloo will visit Nebraska — where Fred Hoiberg was hired this past month — this upcoming weekend. Nebraska is a good program, and it’d be a major step up from Cleveland State. But as another source told PFB of Calloo and where he wants to land: “His heart is with Boynton and Oklahoma State.”

“If I was a betting man,” said the source, “I’d bet on a return to Oklahoma State.”

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