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Storytime with Doug: His wine cellar OSU team

Doug Gottlieb on his all-time OSU basketball team.




I emailed Doug Gottlieb recently 10 questions I had for him about his career, OSU sports, and some of his favorite stories. He sent back some gems. I’m going to bring them to you in installments over the next few weeks. This is him on what his OSU wine cellar team[1. Definition here.] is (footnotes are mine). As always, thanks to Doug for the tales.

Me at the point, Joe at the two, Adrian Peterson at the 3, Desmond at the 4 (he played mostly 4 in college) and IMac at the 5.

We might never lose.

Look I love and respect Randy, Brooks, TA, Vic, Mo Baker, Marcus Smart, etc. But I’ve never played with anyone as good at coming off screens as Pete.

Desmond Mason and Joe Adkins are like blood brothers to me and Joe single handedly beat OU and Mase did the same to Texas our senior year. We beat the hell out of people in GIA.

Look at those scores.[1. Here’s a look at the scores.]

App State went to the tourney, beat em by 40. Beat CU by 40, Nebraska by 50, Texas, KU by 33…lost to OU after being up 13 in the second half.

And I can win a national championship with I-Mac. Freaking Warrior. I may be the weakest link, but I could lead, defend and they all ran and cut hard cause they know I could get em the ball and no one can put it in their rhythm and on the seams like I could.

There are like five guys in the history of hoops who can give a shooter the ball on the seams every time and I think i am one of them, but I may be exaggerating.[1. Doubt it.]

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