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Superlatives for Kansas State game

Statements that made me gasp, uni Heisman, best play, winners, losers, much more.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Winners: Baylor, OU, the rest of OSU’s opponents, Glenn Spencer’s agent, Jhajuan Seales, orange pants at home, the diamond (why ever not run it??), Chelf (just because), Boone Pickens stadium crowd, and Travis Ford (for the second straight week!)[1. You know he’s just sitting in his office staring at his contract and a framed photo of Marcus Smart’s family, just cackling like a maniac.]

Losers: Lovers of offense, Walsh fanboys, Bill Synder, the Big 12 (there are two good teams), Yurcich (not doing himself many favors), K-State fans (some of the best and the fall from grace is always more painful than the ascent is enjoyable), Justin Gilbert (for getting benched for a half), and Josh Stewart (not his best effort).

Quote of the game: “Why are we ranked?” -Mrs. Pistols (who doesn’t watch football) halfway through the third quarter.

Best play: The flea-flicker was pretty great, if underthrown:

Worst play: The blocked FG elicited this incredible stat from Anthony Slater: After that kick was blocked and returned for six, OSU had six FG attempts on the season — it had scored six points on them, its opponents had scored seven…….

Play that didn’t get enough attention: You know how I said last week that teams OSU plays don’t respect Walsh’s arm. This was a probably running situation, I understand, but a TD would have pretty much ended things with three minutes left. There’s just nothing about this that tells me KSU had any respect at all for Walsh’s ability to beat them through the air.

Humorous penalty OSU gets called for a lot: I do enjoy when the officials can’t figure out whether or not Walsh was intentionally grounding the ball. “Man, I don’t know, his arm might just be THAT bad.”

“Why is nobody discussing this more” moment: Both announcers for ESPN mentioned concussions for Josh Stewart and Jhajuan Seales and yet I haven’t seen anything anywhere else about this. They both did last week’s game also so were they projecting based on what they watched or were they just on Twitter and said “oh, that looks accurate, we should mention it!”

Drive that raised an eyebrow: Zero first downs in the second half and then 75 yards in 116 seconds and a score. Me no understand.

Statement that raised an eyebrow: JW Walsh said he’s faster than Josh Stewart….

Statement that raised an eyebrow remix: Collin Klein is still working out in Manhattan, awaiting a call from an NFL team….

Uni Heisman: Jhajuan Seales (see above) — I don’t always love the skinny wristband swag but he makes it work.

Good deep ball on a bad QB: Daniel Sams

Quote that says it all for KSU: “If there was ever a drive that didn’t reach midfield that was successful, that was it.” -an ESPN announcer after their first drive

“Oh wow, I forgot about that” of the game: Kansas State played 3+ quarters without the dude who had 240 receiving yards against Texas. And was still driving for the win with two minutes left.

Thing I will never understand: How anyone likes the Silly Pete graphic.

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