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Superlatives from the UTSA Game



Winner: Glenn Spencer. His squad forced an incredible 7 turnovers, and most of Oklahoma State’s points came off those turnovers.

Loser: The backup QB for UTSA. After the No. 1 was benched, the third string (walk on) quarterback came in and performed admirably. The No. 2 on the sideline had to be baffled.

MVP: Chris Carson. He had 6.1 yards per carry and finished over the century mark on the day. He also dropped in two touchdowns.

Best play: I became a pretty big Ray Tay fan last year, but I was glad to see him see him bust one loose today. He looked pretty good.

Quote of the game: Gundy said “We don’t need to say a lot about what the defense did.”

Worst play: This just teed me off, man.

GIF of the game: Rudolph’s awareness is all-time. He’s cool under pressure.

Most heads up play: Deric Robertson returned the second fumble return of the day for the Pokes in a heady play in clean-up time.

Best catch: Ateman for the TD.

Best play that never was: The fade to Washington in the endzone was pretty, but Washington wasn’t able to come down with it. (May have been held, but…) Regardless, that would have been a sick #SCTop 10 one-handed snag.

So close.


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