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Superlatives: TCU Game



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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Winners: Bill Young’s agent, Jeremy Smith, Blake Jackson’s stat line, black helmets, ABC (KSU-OSU next week), TCU fans (showed up in droves), Iowa State (the OSU loss is starting to look pretty good), second halfs (halves?).

Losers: Justin Gilbert’s agent advisor, referee game management, OU (just because), orange helmets (because…you saw the black ones, right?), whoever handles Gary Patterson’s sweat towels.

Best play: I’m not sure it was the best, but the most important was the 4th and 1 Jeremy Smith broke the TD seal on. And Gundy’s reason behind going for it was equally awesome.

Best almost play: the Lunt2Randle2Jackson beauty. Does Randle have a better wing than J.W.??

Worst play: It wasn’t the worst play but it was definitely the worst call…

Best player: I feel like I could give this to Randle every week but I’m going Blake Jackson this week. He played like a man in the second half and, as we covered here, Lunt finally learned he has a safety valve not named Tracy to go to for the rest of the year[1. This matters a lot.].

Best unit: Alex Elkins, Lyndell Johnson, Shaun Lewis, and Caleb Lavey combined for 21 tackles yesterday and that really underscores (if possible) how important the linebackers were to OSU’s dominance in the second half.

Uniform Heisman: Gilbert, he has to be good at something, right?

“God, why?!” moment: I’ll be straight with you, when they scored to make it 14-0 I got worried. But then the defense went into Verlander mode and started tossing zeros for 45 straight minutes. Forgive me for being scarred by 26 straight years of our defense being a sieve.

Quote: Josh Stewart: Once we got going today, he started smiling, and things started clicking, and once you see him smile you know something is going right. Sometimes I wonder if Lunt is a mute.

Photo of the game: Oh, definitely this one.

Tweeter of the game: @mattamilian was out of his mind. Raising his game as the stakes get higher, such a gamer.

Stat of the day: This is absurd – most 300-yard games in school history…

1. Weeden (16)
2. Walnut (Walsh and Lunt) (5)
2. Zac (5)
2. Fields (5)
5. Gundy (3)

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