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I was traversing some golf links yesterday to get one last Masters fix before gearing up for the Olympic Club in June and I came across these career earnings.

Now I preface this by noting that this is a bit unfair to, say, people like Sam Snead, Jackie Burke Jr., and Gary Player because of inflation adjustment (though it’s interesting to note that one of Jack Nicklaus’ best seasons in 1975 would have only equaled $1.3ish million in 2012 dollars).

But I was floored by the fact that both Scott Verplank and Charles Howell are among the 25 highest earners in PGA Tour history. I mean I honestly don’t know which is more surprising, that a guy I view as the Andy Pettitte of golf (Verplank) is 13th (!) or that a seemingly-still baby-faced Howell is 25th…

The only other Cowboys of note are Bob Tway at #55 and Bo Van Pelt at #57.

Here’s the full list.

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