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Thanksgiving Memories With Mike Gundy Include Notes on Climate Change, Bacteria

Also: Climate change and the impeachment.



Mike Gundy discussed a lot of things on Monday at his presser — including climate change (see below) and the impeachment hearings (send help) — but maybe his most Mike Gundy moment came when talking about what he remembered about Thanksgiving as a kid.

“Thanksgiving’s good because you don’t have to worry about gifts,” said Gundy.

Find a sentence more in Gundy’s wheelhouse than that one.

“It’s just family around. The Lions are gonna be playing. You play football in the front yard, right? Years ago, you guys are too young, but when I was a kid, November used to be a cold month. I don’t buy all the green global warming. I don’t know who’s right or wrong, whatever. Don’t worry I’m not going to get into politics. If anybody wants any information on the impeachment inquiry, I’ll talk to y’all afterward. I got all that.”

“But it used to be cold in November. It’s not cold anymore. You’d go out and play, and it’d be 15, 20 degrees. Played football until everybody started fighting then you played basketball.”

I laughed out loud at this. Gundy was definitely the kid who called make it-take it based on who scored first. Would bet my company on it.

“As a kid you didn’t care, it’s 30 degrees, right? You’re still out playing. You weren’t worried about it being cold, and we didn’t have video games. You had to go to a restaurant to play a video game. Some of the kids that had a lot of money might’ve had an Atari but not everybody.”

He’s going to be the greatest #old in the history of #olds.

“I remember guys running into trees. Guys running deep balls, actually running looking for a ball and hit a fire hydrant and just slice their knee open. It’s good stuff. That’s the way it used to be. That’s back before we had bacteria stuff to clean our hands with. Everybody built up an immunity to those things because we didn’t care.”

It took him just 300 words to cover global warming, Trump and the science behind infectious diseases. We do not deserve this content.

Anyway, I thought that was hilarious, and I thought the photo at the top of this post — courtesy of elite Twitter follow, Doug Shivers — was just the best. Mike definitely trash-talked Cale during the fire hydrant games. Probably still does.

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