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Thayer Evans tried to deceive Donnell Williams

I know you’re going to be shocked about this but it looks like Thayer Evans tried to mislead somebody else.



Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 9.21.32 PM


No matter what comes of this entire saga — and likely the final verdict won’t come for months or years (it’s weird to think that I might not be running this blog anymore when the final verdict comes, heck, it’s weird to think that Gabe Lindsay might finally have graduated when the verdict finally drops!). But whatever comes of it, these two truths remain:

Oklahoma State’s national reputation has been sullied. No matter if everything is proven 100% false and Thayer Evans is tarred and feathered in Times Square on national television, OSU is still getting a raw deal. All most people will remember is “isn’t that the school that was on the cover of SI for doing stupid stuff.” And that part sucks.

The other truth is that no matter what the truth is, Sports Illustrated didn’t do this the right way. Shadily recording Aso Pogi and telling other dudes (like Donnell) that you were doing a story on how their life is going even though your ultimate goal was to get dirt on Stillwater out of them. Come on, that’s clownin’ and not what I’d hope for from an organization like SI.

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