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The 10 Best Oklahoma State Uniform Combinations (Part 1)



From Wednesday: The five worst combos

Again, I’m certain everyone will agree with me and there will be no issues at all with my list. This one was actually far less difficult than the list of the five worst combos OSU has worn I did yesterday. Let’s get to work (in reverse order).

10. White-White-Gray

This is a little bit of a wild card, but I think the gray looks sharp when paired with a couple of whites. I’m not in love with the crazy-eyed Pete helmet, but I can live with it, and I think it looks good with this combo. Also, maybe we should stop wearing this to Kansas. We’ve gone G-W-G and W-W-G the last two times up there and almost lost both games.

It just works for me. (USATSI)

It just works for me. (USATSI)

9. All Black

I’m not as high on this as most. It seems … overdone. I don’t get excited when Oregon does it. I don’t get excited when Louisville does it (or anything). I don’t get excited when Baylor does it. It’s cool in theory (and all right in real life) — and it obviously has to be in the top 10 — but I’m not clamoring for it like 2001 me did.

The all blacks. (USATSI)

The all blacks. (USATSI)

8. Black-Orange-Black

Now we’re into the good stuff. This might be the most OSU combination of any OSU wears. For what it’s going for — orange to the bone — it’s absolutely perfect. I love that it’s the de facto home Bedlam attire.


Des Roland gets some against UTSA. (USATSI)

7. All White

A staple in my household. My kids’ onesies are all white. All my workout gear is all white. It’s just so clean. When they topped it with the second-best helmet OSU wears at the Cotton Bowl, I almost lost my mind. I can’t even fathom throwing the bucking bronco helmet on there.

My family colors. (USATSI)

My family colors. (USATSI)

6. Black-White-Black

I think this was probably the first combo (at Texas in 2011) that made me say, “oh boy, we are operating in another stratosphere with our gear now.” (because that’s how I talk to myself when I’m sitting alone watching football games). This is a must-wear on the road once a year.

It's really a great road look. (USATSI)

It’s really a great road look. (USATSI)

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