The 10 Most Pivotal Moments of the 2017 Oklahoma State Football Season

Written by Kyle Boone

The 2017 season will likely be seen as a disappointment by most for years to come.

So where did the bad go wrong? Where did the good go right? There’s obviously more #analysis than a few plays from the season. But here are the 10 biggest and most important, ranked, that helped shape the 2017 season for the Cowboys.

10. J.D. King scamper vs. Tulsa

OSU’s decision to put true freshman J.D. King as the backup to Justice Hill paid off almost instantly. On his second career carry of the season in the first game against Tulsa, King busted one loose for 71 yards and a score.

It wasn’t exactly a jaw-dropping carry. In fact, he broke through without much more than a slap at the line. But this play was a sign of things to come for King in 2017. He was an awesome thunder to Hill’s lightning. He might rock as a sophomore when OSU evolves into a Big Ten team and runs it 50 times a game.

9. A.J. Green’s game-saver in Ames

A.J. Green is a dude. It took me several weeks to realize it, and took me even longer to publicly admit it. But No. 4 can ball, and he proved it in Ames with a game-saving INT in the corner of the end zone that was as awesome a walk-off I’ve seen as an OSU fan.

8. Thumping Baylor

There were a lot of really good plays for OSU, and not many for Baylor in this lopsided homecoming tilt so we’re just throwing the entire game on this list.

Considering OSU’s recent struggles against Baylor — and taking into consideration the entirety of the Art Briles era — this was a satisfying moment in the 2017 season. It feels good to thump Baylor. It feels even better when Baylor stinks.

7. Whitener picks Baker in Bedlam

This list could be 10 plays from Bedlam honestly, but I’m going to keep it to three. ?

The third biggest? With OSU’s backs against the wall late in the fourth, Chad Whitener delivered a clutch INT to give OSU a shot to take the lead late.

Considering how Baker sliced and diced OSU’s defense all game, this was yooge for morale. The crowd was rocking. My hands were quivering. Our pets heads were falling off. It was an unreal moment!

6. Rudolph’s Heisman moment

Remember when OSU hung half a million on Pitt in Week 3 and Rudolph was a Heisman frontrunner? Doesn’t that felt like 46 years ago?

In any case, it was a sweet time, nonetheless. This play would have been played on loop at the Heisman ceremony if things had gone differently for Oklahoma State this season.

5. The Bundage touchdown that wasn’t

What happens if the fumble-that-wasn’t doesn’t get overturned? What happens if Bundage just leisurely Conor McGregors into the end zone in the first half against OU and the Pokes take a 10-0 lead that stands?

We will never know. But man, I can’t believe this was overturned. A what-if for the ages, really.

4. Marcell bails out OSU in Taco-town

It’s not entirely unrealistic to think OSU could have opened league play 0-2. The Cowboys did not play well in Lubbock against the Red Raiders and squeaked out a 41-34 win. But if not for this Marcell Moss snag on third down, things could have been way different.

That snag set up a bootleg for No. 2 who delivered the go-ahead score with just over a minute to play. A thriller that (probably) shouldn’t have been a thriller to begin with!

3. The double-pass against TCU

Despite falling behind double digits to TCU, Oklahoma State’s offense was finding its groove in the second half …. before the double pass with McCleskey happened. This was the dagger that ended OSU’s comeback attempt and, in hindsight, maybe OSU’s Big 12 title hopes.

2. Ramon INT in Austin

How clutch is Ramon?! Game on the line. Defense backed up on the road. In overtime. Yet No. 7 rises up to snag a game-winning INT.

I will never forget this sequence. Insane. (Also, no idea where Ehlinger was throwing that.)

1. Fourth down in the fourth against OU

On fourth and eight with Bedlam bragging rights hanging in the balance, Mason Rudolph overthrows Tyron Johnson by a few yards, effectively ending OSU’s chances at coming out on top and securing the drivers seat to the Big 12.

Oh, what could have been.

Maybe if the two connect in stride, Baker marches down the field to rip OSU’s hearts out anyway. But boy, would I have loved to see this thing happen. BPS would have erupted. I would have fainted. The line at Murphy’s would have been backed up to I-244!

  • OKsailor

    While Tyron catching the 4th down pass certainly would have been great, we forget that OU ran down the field after getting the ball back to go up by 2 scores. Catching that pass would not have won the game. Stopping them after would have, but we did not and probably could not considering how the rest of the game had gone.

    • KWC

      However this may be true.. But scoring to go up 4 changes how both the offense and defense approach the game. OSU would have played prevent, instead of blitzing everyone trying to stop the run like they did still down 3. But, OU would have probably scored with 0 seconds on the clock…

      • Vince Stephenson

        All that plus our D couldn’t recover from the kidney shot after giving us the ball back and Not scoring.

        • KWC

          That’s true as well.

  • GeoPoke

    If you tell me at the beginning of the season that we won’t make it to a good bowl or the CFP, I’m canceling the current schedule to reschedule BayLOL for every game. 52-16 at the start of the 4th.

  • Adam M.

    There are eight positive moments in this list, but given the expectations of this team and the way this season ended it feels like there are two.

    Expectations cause frustration.

  • Michael H

    A.J. Green’s interception seems too low. If Iowa State scores on that drive they have all the momentum and have a great chance to win that game. The fallout from losing again in Ames, but this time to a 4th string QB, would have been monumental. That feels like a much more pivotal moment than beating up on outmatched Pitt and Baylor squads.

  • David Isaac Mosley

    I still for the absolute life of me cannot understand how this team….. is playing in the camping world bowl…… I think being a cowboy fan will send me into v fib one day

  • OSU Student

    How is Marcell’s catch vs ISU not on here?! And unbelievable prayer of a throw and catch, on third and long, to keep us in the game. If he drops that, we lose most likely.

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  • Ryan Cristelli

    I can’t help but think back to the Bedlam first-and-goal, where Mason forced an INT into double coverage, instead of giving the ball up to an at-the-time-completely-out-of-his-mind Justice Hill. An absolute killer. As for the TCU double pass, I had a buddy producing ESPN’s radio feed. He sent me a text after the turnover…”Um…did your 4th best receiver just throw an interception to your 5th best receiver in the redzone?! The hell’s wrong with you guys?!” And scene.

  • David

    Bundage TD cost us the season. It was over at that very moment.

    • jt

      First two series of Bedlam (Only getting 3 off of an interception, overturned fumble return for a TD) decided the game and ultimately the season.

      • Tyler

        Still makes my (orange)blood boil about that call. How different a game would have to have been played by ou down by ten …

  • Vince Stephenson

    1 The possession hadn’t exchanged hands YET on the punt that was 1st touched by TCU. 2nd the fumble into the end zone that was called a TD against TCU. 3rd the fumble that was overturned by replay official to a incomplete pass.

  • Matthew Fore

    I think the first 5 plays vs TCU – all run plays – defined the season. The collective WTF’s in the stands, the handcuffing of our then-Heisman candidate, and sending our all-American receiving crew down 5 yards on blocking duty. Changing game plan so much from non-con to conference cost us. Hoping, like EVERY YEAR, things improve, but, alas, we are Cowboy fans so we know how it will be…

  • Okstate2011

    Repost for views?

    • Kyle Boone

      Repost because our content rarely lives longer than a day and there’s no way to re-position it on the site without updating the time stamp and moving it to the top of the page, unfortunately.

  • Pirate Pete

    I just can’t help but feel like OU would have scored again if we had scored on the Mason to Tyron pass, but the D giving up a touchdown in that situation might have finally gotten us to the end of Spencer’s incredibly long leash and allowed us to fire him… We either win or we fire Spencer. Both nice outcomes.