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The 11 Best Quotes from the Oklahoma State-Kansas State Game



OSU won a wacky, fun game in Stillwater on Saturday. Here’s what everyone had to say about it.

Mike Gundy on the defense

“I thought the most important thing about this game was the adjustments made by our defensive staff after halftime. We couldn’t slow them down in the first half, but we made some really good adjustments at halftime. That gave us a chance to win the football game.”

Mike Gundy on his squad

“I’m proud of our team. We’ve got a lot of work to do, and we’ve got a long way to go. I want them to embrace the moment, enjoy the win and come back ready to prepare for the next game tomorrow.”

Mason Rudolph on his week

“I knew that I had to have a great week. I feel like I underperformed last week and had to respond. A lot of people in this organization came around me and encouraged me to say, ‘hey, screw everybody else. Work hard this week. Every throw, every rep, get the most out of it. Prepare to the best of your ability.’

“That’s what I tried to do.”

Glenn Spencer on fragility

“When everybody is telling you how you are, you realize how fragile this is from being a good defense to just poor. That’s how quick it can happen. Our guys got that. So it was a blessing they got that lesson because you can’t talk to them about it. They have to live it. And then to come out with a win because of it or in spite of it.”

Mike Gundy on Rudolph throwing it 55 times

“We had a feeling that we would have to throw the ball about 50 times. One, we were playing with a true freshman at running back. Two, we were playing arguably the best run defense in this league, maybe even top 10 in the country. We just didn’t feel like we could beat our heads against the wall, and we knew we had to throw it.”

Mike Yurcich on QB1

“He has the ability to get the job done. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not saying he’s a finished product and the next coming. There’s still a lot of work and we’re going to work come Sunday, but he’s a great kid to be around. He accepts a challenge, and obviously you saw him today perform very well.”

Mike Yurcich on his receivers and OL

“We knew they were very stout, and we feel our strength is our receiving core. And our offensive line did a heck of a job protecting today, I mean a heck of a job, and they deserve a lot of credit. They don’t get enough credit. Especially after today’s performance.”

Ben Grogan on his OL and why he missed that PAT

“It was protection, but we got it corrected. The line was great the rest of the game; it was just a minor thing they had to fix. I’m not sure, it’s not my expertise, but it was just a little protection hole.”

Bill Snyder on Mason Rudolph

“Well they were 8-of-9 in the first half. That made it a one-score ballgame for the most part. Not very good for us. They did a nice job. The youngster did a nice job of throwing the ball, and the receivers did a nice job getting up for it. We didn’t compete very well for them, and that was it.”

Bill Snyder being Bill Snyder

“They had some injuries as well at the running back position. It was evident after a while that they probably were not going to run the ball as much. We made them left handed, but we couldn’t do anything about. That’s taking nothing away from Oklahoma State because [Rudolph] can throw it, and they can go up in the air and catch it. They’re a good pass-offense team.”

Mike Gundy on QB1

“His poise has been good from day one. Last week at Texas, there were some times when he could have been flustered, but he didn’t. Today was fine. He’s a work in progress and he’s young, but I think he’s getting some good experience now. As he moves forward, hopefully he’ll continue to get better. He’s showing some toughness, some grit and the willingness to fight and win.”

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