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The 2012 Os(u)cars



With the 84th Academy Awards fast approaching this weekend I figured it was time to hand out a little hardware of our own here on Pistols Firing. Without further ado, let’s get to nominees! And everybody break a leg (or if you’re Le’Bryan, break a hand)!

Note: The time frame for these awards stretches from the end of last year’s awards (February 2011) to, well, yesterday (as you’ll see below).

Best Picture

Nominees: Football vs. KSU | Football vs. Stanford | Hoops vs. Mizzou | Baseball vs. OU

Winner: The Stanford game. From Melanie Weeden freaking out to Blackmon beasting Stanford’s entire secondary to this. That whole night was everything you would have wanted in a feature film of the year: drama, passion, romance. This category wasn’t even close.

Actor In a Leading Role

Nominees: Brandon Weeden | Jordan Oliver | Keiton Page | Justin Blackmon | Peter Uihlein

Winner: This is tough but since the leading role, by definition, is the one who carries the rest of the film, I have to give it to Weeden. There’s a 1% chance OSU makes the Fiesta Bowl without 81, that drops to 0% without Weeds. Hand him the hardware.

Actor In a Supporting Role

Nominees: Joe Randle | Markel Brown | Le’Bryan Nash | Jamie Blatnick | Brodrick Brown | Sean Einhaus

Winner: This was the hardest one for me. I think the award should go to Blatnick though. He was never looked upon to shoulder the entire load like a Weeden or a Blackmon, but he played his part and played it thoroughly. I feel confident OSU’s season would have been good with or without him but his performance tipped it over the edge of greatness, just like a fantastic supporting actor should.

Costume Design

Nominees: Golf | Football | Hoops | Baseball

Winner: A late entry to the competition that RAN AWAY WITH IT. Beautifully designed, understated the way a winner should be, we could all use more cream-colored OSU baseball jerseys in our lives.


Nominees: Mike Gundy | John Smith | Mike McGraw | Jim Littell

Winner: It would be pretty easy to go Gundy here because, you know, any time you lead a group of players with only a smattering of four and five star guys to within six inches of the national title game, that’s pretty good. I have to give it to Coach Littell though, for the class he’s showed, for the degree of difficult, and because no matter what OSU’s record is in any sport, his actions will weigh heavier on his players than any other coach’s.

Cinematography (best season)

Nominees: Football | Wrestling | Softball | Golf | Soccer

Winner: Softball, for advancing to their first CWS since 1998 in a heart-stopping 6-5 Game 3 thriller against UH at home last summer.

Visual Effects

Nominees: Markel on Mizzou | Blackmon on K-State | Markel on Harvard | Chelf on Stanford | Dane Phillips’ Walkoff

Winner: We should just rename this the “Justin Blackmon and Markel Brown are awesome” award. You have to go Markel against Mizzou here though. I mean, this is probably one of the 10-15 best plays in school history, no?

Best Short Film

Nominees: Bedlam Field Rush | Mizzou Court Storm

Winner: Bedlam, by a lot…

Best Original Score

Nominees: Teach Me How To Gundy | Amazing Grace | All I Do Is Win (how electric was BPS that night??)

Winner: This…

In Memoriam

If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

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