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The 2019 PFB Survey

Thank you for your help!



Every year we publish a PFB survey to see how you guys are feeling and thinking about what we’re doing. This is helpful to us because it allows us to see (and hopefully implement) what you’re jonesing for as well as the fact that it provides with good (anonymous) data to take to advertisers.

All that to say, I want you to know how much I appreciate the time you take to fill this out. You certainly don’t have to — there are Cade Cunningham highlights to watch! — but so many of you have been kind and helpful to do this over the years.

So thank you for that … and know that we read what you have to say. Just because we don’t implement your No. 1 idea doesn’t mean we don’t see it or hear you — we do. As PFB grows into the future and figures out what it wants to be in the social media era, stuff like this will become more valuable, not less.

So keep the ideas, thoughts and (most of the) comments coming. You guys should think of yourselves as much a part of PFB as anyone. We’re grateful for that and for all the ways you help make our product better than it’s ever been.

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