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The Best Plays From Opening Weekend in College Football

Highlighting the most buzzworthy plays from college football’s opening weekend.



Oklahoma State opened its season on Thursday night. So if you did things right, you probably spent most of Saturday huddled around the TV watching the first (real) weekend of college football.

But if you didn’t, not to fear, because I shamelessly did to bring you some of the top plays from the opening weekend.

Shortest punt return … ever?

I’ve watched this play no less than 40 times, and I’m still wonderstruck. How cool is it to return a punt for three whole yards and score a touchdown?!

That’s what Toledo’s Cody Thompson did Saturday to score the first touchdown of the game. Toledo won 66-3 over VMI.





The Texas Tech OBJ

I regret to inform you that Texas Tech’s defensive greatness was severely overstated. But hey, at least they still have good wide receivers!






That’s T.J. Vasher with the OBJ impression. He had four receptions for 66 yards on Saturday against Ole Miss, but the Red Raiders fell 47-27 in the opener. This guy was surely not pleased.








The ref that might be an OSU alum

This referee pummeled OU wide receiver A.D. Miller across the middle. Forearm extension and all!









OU rolled to an easy 63-14 win, so his teammates (and presumably, Miller) had a good chuckle about it.










Juggling act

We here at PFB don’t discriminate against non-Power 5 programs, so yes, this Northern Arizona football highlight from Emmanuel Butler deserves some love. Check out this juggling act for a score!







Punt return hit stick

Anytime you de-cleat someone you can consider it a pretty good hit, and woo boy did this Cal punt returner get stuck.



Manziel lite

I begrudgingly added this to the list, because 1. It wasn’t a score and 2. It’s OU, but watching this in real-time gave me flashbacks to Johnny Manziel (especially that poor ball security!)

Watching Kyler Murray this season should be interesting if nothing else.


Mike Leach, baby

I love everything about this.





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