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The Clint Chelf rumor in three tweets

There was a Clint Chelf rumor and it died a quick and fiery death.



The inevitable “Clint Chelf is quitting” rumor finally got rolling yesterday but it’s shelf life (Chelf life?) was fairly short. Here’s how it played out over, well, all of 70 minutes…

And thankfully our friends over at Orange Power are here to remind us not to start any ridiculous rumors based in nothing more than conjecture. Where would we be without them??

Also, Chelf weighed in via Twitter after the chatter died down…

And this tweet, this was the one that fascinated me….

It is, of course, a long season but it seems like Chelf is implying that there’s still a QB race going on — I’m not sure there is (though I don’t know what goes on at practice every day etc.) Maybe he’s just saying he’ll be ready if Walsh gets hurt — who knows?

Whatever the case, I do think OKC Dave is right…

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