The Clint Chelf rumor in three tweets

Written by Kyle Porter

The inevitable “Clint Chelf is quitting” rumor finally got rolling yesterday but it’s shelf life (Chelf life?) was fairly short. Here’s how it played out over, well, all of 70 minutes…

And thankfully our friends over at Orange Power are here to remind us not to start any ridiculous rumors based in nothing more than conjecture. Where would we be without them??

Also, Chelf weighed in via Twitter after the chatter died down…

And this tweet, this was the one that fascinated me….

It is, of course, a long season but it seems like Chelf is implying that there’s still a QB race going on — I’m not sure there is (though I don’t know what goes on at practice every day etc.) Maybe he’s just saying he’ll be ready if Walsh gets hurt — who knows?

Whatever the case, I do think OKC Dave is right…

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    He’ll get another chance somewhere down the line I would think. Not wishing an injury or poor performance on JDubb. Just think he will cause the season is long…and just started.

  • JeffB

    If I had any idea how to do this Twitter thangy, I’d send Chelf a msg similar to saveself’s.

    Hope it shows the same sticktoitiveness that he displayed last year.
    He’s going to get a chance and, IMHO, it won’t be due to injury.

  • adswack

    out her in Pac 12 country rumor has him moving to Norman with Gundy approval.

    • Troy

      Why would OU want Chelf. According to OKC sports talk radio. Trevor kinght is Johnny Manziel.

  • Andrew Pottinger

    Kyle I’m probably just being lazy but if there was a way to display a whole tweet on the mobile version without it getting cut off that would be great. Anytime you have a long tweet or tweet with a pic or a tweet with a response it only shows the first part and I have to open a new window to look at it.

    • Cody

      It shows it if you turn your screen sideways

      • Andrew Pottinger

        Oh wow yeah that works. Thanks.

    • Kyle Porter

      Yeah I noticed that…I’ll check on it.

  • Jake

    I’d still like to see a Wildcat with both QBs and Smith in the backfield. Chelf and Walsh can both run and throw, it’d be a nightmare to defend.

  • Scott H

    This is almost as bad as “Lou Holtz died”.

    Which he didn’t.

    • Jake