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The Games That Could Have Been: Air Force



We started this little series weeks ago with the series against the Clemson that was canceled. We pick up where we left off with a team that might not get you excited at first glance, but would have been a lot of fun to have on the schedule…

Air Force.

In 2015 and 2016, Oklahoma State and Air Force were supposed to take part in a home-and-home series. Unfortunately, the teams mutually agreed to cancel the series.

In 2015, OSU would have traveled Colorado Springs to open the series against the Falcons. Air Force would have made the return trip in Week 2 of the following season.

On OSU’s end the decision was made because of the Big 12’s decision to stay at 10 teams and adapt a 9-game conference schedule. OSU had to drop one of its four non-conference games.

Looking back, OSU’s stuck with a 2015 non-conference schedule that consisted of a road game at Central Michigan and home games against Central Arkansas and UTSA.

From the get-go the Pokes worked themselves into a weird non-conference situation. Road games at Air Force and Central Michigan in the same season? Where is the benefit in that?

Don’t get me wrong, I wish we had kept the Air Force games and re-worked them. We weren’t great in 2015. We barely escaped Central Michigan and barely beat Central Arkansas.

But a non-conference schedule that included Air Force, Central Michigan, and UTSA would have been better than what we had.

Air Force went 8-6 in 2015, in a season that included a trip to the Mountain West Title Game. They weren’t amazing, but there’s something fun about playing one of the military schools. Plus, any FBS team is better than playing an FCS opponent.

Then you throw in a 2016 schedule that could have started with a home game against Air Force before home games against Central Michigan and Pittsburgh. Do think if OSU had faced a stiffer opening opponent in a 10-3 Air Force, they might not have lost to Central Michigan a week later?

All I know is, I wish we had kept this one. It would have been fun.

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